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DIY SEO Software: The Best Options in 2024

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According to research, local businesses saw 90% of customers utilize the internet before a visit. You can steer these consumers toward your website with the right search engine optimization strategy. Fortunately, do-it-yourself SEO software makes the process easier than ever.

Of course, there are many digital tools on the market. Which are worth the investment? According to our experts, these are the top DIY SEO programs.

Best Do-It-Yourself SEO Software in 2024

DIY SEO software

There are so many aspects of SEO that tackling it by yourself can be overwhelming. DIY SEO software automates the most tedious tasks and streamlines more complex jobs. This accessibility gives you control over your campaign.

However, not every program is comprehensive. While moving between programs can be time-consuming, it may be worth it if each is the best at what it offers.

Your choice of do-it-yourself SEO software depends on your goals and resources, as each option has pros and cons. To start your search, we’ve curated a list of the best digital tools as of 2024.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a program that every online business should use. For one thing, it’s free, which is especially helpful if you have a tight marketing budget. For another, it provides insights into your rankings on Google search engine results pages. Since Google still dominates internet searches, this information is invaluable.

Accessing Google Search Console is simple and quick. First, you need a Google account, which is free to sign up for. Next, you must link your website to the account and verify that you’re the owner. This process can take a bit of time, depending on the property type and your verification method. Once Google verifies site ownership, you can start analyzing your SERP data.

One of the best things about this do-it-yourself SEO software is its accuracy, as the information comes directly from the search engine. This allows you to respond quickly to sudden drops in ranking.

Google Search Console also helps you ensure your web pages end up in Google’s Index. Search engines employ crawlers, which identify web pages and associated ranking factors. Crawlers get around to every website eventually, but the faster it happens, the higher the likelihood you’ll show up on the right SERPs.

Page errors can interrupt the indexing process. Google Search Console’s Index Coverage report reveals these issues, allowing you to get your website into the Index quicker.


If you’ve ever done an internet search for SEO, you’ve probably stumbled across Semrush. This company has a variety of helpful blogs covering different aspects of digital marketing. It also provides a broad range of DIY SEO tools:

  • Site Audit
  • Organic Traffic Insights
  • Link Building Tool
  • Backlink Analytics
  • Keyword Magic Tool

The above examples are only a fraction of the available tools. The variety Semrush offers allows you to customize your analytics with one program.

Semrush even provides content marketing tools, which can make a big difference if you’re managing optimization on your own. Do-it-yourself SEO software tends to focus on the quantitative aspects, but content quality is the most important ranking factor.

The biggest downside is that you must pay to access all the tools. As of 2024, the cost is $129.95 monthly or approximately $1,300 annually. While Semrush offers a free version, it’s incredibly limited:

  • 10 keywords
  • One project
  • 10 analytics reports per day

Additionally, the dashboard isn’t particularly user-friendly. As a result, Semrush may work better for companies with experience running an SEO campaign and a sizable marketing budget.

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AnswerThePublic is an excellent market research tool and relatively easy to use. It has free and paid options, with the free account limited to three daily searches. There are three paid tiers, with the lowest (Individual package) offering 100 daily searches and access for one user. It’s only $9 a month, with no cancellation fee, so it may be a good option for small businesses on their first SEO campaign.

Unlike Semrush, this do-it-yourself SEO software has a limited scope. However, it’s one of the best tools at what it does, both in terms of user-friendliness and data collection. AnswerThePublic facilitates keyword research by suggesting related phrases based on Google’s search bar autosuggestions. Google generates these suggestions based on what other people search using those words. As a result, you can get plenty of secondary keywords people actually use.

AnswerThePublic even breaks down valuable data for each phrase, such as search volume and cost per click. Having this information on one screen allows you to choose the most effective keywords for your purpose.


do-it-yourself SEO software

Ahrefs is a do-it-yourself SEO software that offers an overview of your digital marketing campaign data. This comprehensive approach can be incredibly effective if you coordinate a multi-part marketing strategy.

Once you sign up, you have access to the following tools:

  • Content Explorer
  • Site Explorer
  • Rank Tracker
  • Keywords Explorer
  • Site Audit

The Dashboard tool allows you to navigate between these programs with ease. Additionally, you can view all data from the various tools, making this DIY optimization software incredibly convenient.

Like Semrush, Ahrefs is fairly expensive, with monthly plans starting at $99. However, it offers a collection of free tools called Webmaster Tools. While you must sign up for access, there are no restrictions on how often you can use them. If you’re just starting your SEO campaign, these programs can be invaluable:

  • Free Keyword Generator
  • Keyword Rank Checker
  • Website Traffic Checker
  • Backlink Checker
  • Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

When is Ahrefs worth the cost? This do-it-yourself SEO software boasts a huge live links database, making it one of the best backlink checkers. Since backlink building is one of the top ways to improve your SERP rankings, Ahrefs is an excellent option if you struggle to break into the top results.

Affordable Alternatives to Do-It-Yourself SEO Software

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