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How To Create an SEO Landing Page

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Is your SEO plan doing all it can for you? If you don’t have strong landing pages for your products and services, your website may be falling short. An SEO landing page provides keyword-optimized information about what you offer your readers. When created and implemented correctly, these pages can draw in new customers, increase sales, and set you up as an expert in your industry. Learn how to create a great landing page.

What To Know About Creating an SEO Landing Page

Understanding the ins and outs of SEO and landing pages allows you to make your website more effective.

What Is an SEO Landing Page?

An SEO landing page uses the most relevant (and often most competitive) keywords to bring organic search traffic to a company’s website. A landing page is meant to pique the visitor’s interest and convert them to a client or customer. This means it must contain informational content but shouldn’t provide so much information that it overwhelms the reader.

A good SEO landing page loads quickly and is well-organized and visually interesting. Ensure the content clearly connects to your business and provides context about what you offer. Finally, an effective landing page ends with a clear call to action.

What Is the Difference Between SEO and PPC for a Landing Page?

Creating a search engine optimized page.

An SEO landing page’s goal is to drive organic conversions. Visitors arrive after clicking a link Google provides for them on a search engine results page. SEO landing pages should follow best SEO practices, including links to other pages, keywords, meta descriptions, and alt text. A good landing page is hosted on the company’s domain and may contain multiple calls to action.

A PPC landing page’s goal is driving paid conversions. Rather than traffic coming from search results, it comes from people who click on a link in a sponsored result. Since you paid for advertising, the PPC landing page should focus only on the advertised product or service and should not include any additional links. It should also have just one main call to action.

PPC landing pages are typically hosted on subdomains. They do not need to be SEO-friendly since they don’t usually show up in search results. However, A/B testing (determining whether visitors prefer one version of a PPC landing page or another) is highly recommended.

How Are Landing Pages Good for SEO?

Landing page SEO is important for a successful campaign. Internet users find these pages by searching for related keywords on Google. Because they are actively seeking the product or service you provide, finding your landing page organically means they’re more likely to convert to a customer or client.

An optimized landing page also provides you with better metrics. Analyzing important information, such as your page’s bounce rate, helps you find ways to further improve your landing page and retain more visitors.

There are other benefits as well. A strong SEO landing page helps you cut advertising costs, target highly specific keywords, and increase your brand’s reputation.

Let Us Optimize Your Landing Pages

SEO is a cost-effective approach that can give you long-term ROI. We can revamp your existing landing pages or create new ones. 

How To Optimize a Landing Page for SEO

Use this step-by-step guide to help you create and optimize your SEO landing page.

Research Keywords

Create a list of primary keywords you plan to use, then take it a step further. Research your existing customers, how your competitors rank, and trends in your industry to find keywords you may not have considered. Remember to use a combination of short words and long-tail keywords.

Optimize Your Landing Page Title

Your title should be concise but must provide a picture of what the reader will find on your landing page. Use your highest-quality keyword toward the front of your title. Remember, Google only shows 60 characters of the title on its search results pages, so they need to be intriguing.

Write a Meta Description

Meta descriptions help search engines and users decide whether your site is worth clicking through. Keep the description short and informative, and don’t forget to include a keyword.

Create Your Content

This is the most important part of your SEO landing page. It should provide information about your products or services and focus heavily on how the reader will benefit. Your text should be easy to understand, upbeat, and unique. Most readers skim, so remember to add headings and subheadings with further keywords to make it easy to parse the info.

Add Visual Elements

Optimizing a landing page.

Nobody wants to read a wall of text. Break up your information with images or videos that display your products and show visitors why they need them. Research shows landing pages that contain pictures increase the chances of being read by 80%. Furthermore, conversion rates increase by 86% if you add a video.

Optimize Images

Optimized images help Google understand your landing page. Use short but descriptive file names, separating words with hyphens, and add alt text. It’s also important to choose the right size for images. Graphics that are too small won’t show enough detail, but too-large ones can slow down your page’s loading time. Try using multiple images of your products at various angles, too.

Add a Call to Action

Your SEO landing page should have at least one clear call to action that directs your reader to contact you or to purchase your goods or services. Remember to keep things personal. A six-month study of 330,000 landing pages showed that personalized CTAs perform 202% better.

Build Backlinks

Building strong backlinks linking back to your site is vital. One of the easiest ways to build them is to find industry-related websites or blogs that accept guest posts. When you guest post, you can link back to your landing page. This shows Google that your landing page is relevant.

We Know How To Create an Effective SEO Landing Page

Now that you know how to make an SEO landing page, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. After all, it’s a lot of work. There’s no need to worry, though. BKA Content’s talented writers can help you create a landing page that matches your company’s brand, increases traffic to your products and services, and converts visitors to customers. Are you interested in learning more? Ask us about our affordable SEO writing services.

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