Commonly Confused Words: Between vs. Among

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To me, the difference between the words between and among is like the difference between a Phillip’s head screwdriver and a star-shaped screwdriver. Even though both of these screwdrivers pretty much do the same thing, they’re two entirely different tools. If you’re having a hard time figuring out the difference between these two prepositions, here’s what you need to know about the between vs. among debate.

Between vs. Among at a Glance

When considering among vs. between, here are a couple of simple rules to remember:

  • Between is usually used in situations where one thing is stuck in the middle of two other things.
  • Among is generally used when something is a member of a group or a part of something bigger.

among vs between

When To Use Between in a Sentence

To put things simply, between should be used while describing a one-to-one relationship having to do with two separate things or a group of things. The main point that you need to keep in mind when you’re using between in a blog post or SEO article is that these things need to be distinct.

Examples of How to Use Between in a Sentence:

  • Let’s try and keep this secret about the broken window between me and you.
  • Make sure that you choose between chicken and fish before the wedding.

between or among

When to Use Among in a Sentence

Comparatively, you should use among when you’re talking about a larger group of things, a thing that isn’t specific, or a thing that’s more general in nature. In most cases, among will come before a plural noun when used in a sentence.

Examples of How to Use Among in a Sentence:

  • When you look out among the crowd, you can’t really tell what’s going on.
  • You won’t find so much contention among college football fans anywhere else.


Among vs. Between: It’s Time to Show Them Who’s Boss

between and among

Don’t let these two extremely similar, but different, prepositions get you down. Instead, get out there and show them that you’re a preposition master by remembering that between and among really are two words with different meanings.

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