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The 4 Best SEO Podcasts To Listen to in 2023

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Bringing new customers to your virtual doorstep is vital to growing your business. Your best approach is reaching the top of search engine results pages, as 67.6% of clicks go to the first five links. Fortunately, search engine optimization can help you take (and keep) these top spots. While there are plenty of resources to help you utilize this vital tool, some of the most convenient are the best SEO podcasts.

Review of the Best SEO Podcasts of 2023

Listening to an SEO podcast.

Podcasts are the ideal way to learn while on the go. You can listen in the car, while cleaning or during menial tasks, absorbing important information while remaining productive. Even better, there are thousands of free-to-listen SEO podcasts covering a wide range of topics, allowing you to study the issues most relevant to your company’s needs.

Of course, not all podcasts are equally useful. How do you know which offer valuable information and which just string together meaningless buzzwords? Unfortunately, figuring this out on your own means a lot of research.

The best SEO podcasts feature industry experts and the latest news. For example, artificial intelligence has transformed the SEO landscape and continues to do so rapidly. High-quality podcasts stay on top of this technology, exploring its uses while examining potential pitfalls (copyright, AI “hallucinations,” etc.) to provide a realistic idea of its capabilities.

Needless to say, vetting every search engine optimization podcast yourself would be time-consuming and, frankly, monotonous. Fortunately, BKA Content’s writers have done the research for you. According to industry experts, these are the top SEO podcasts for business owners.

1. Search Engine Journal Show: The Overall Best SEO Podcast

The Search Engine Journal Show is the official podcast of Search Engine Journal, a news hub for all things digital marketing. Established in 2003, this online publication features thousands of articles aimed to keep marketing professionals in the know:

  • Google ranking changes
  • WordPress updates and patches
  • User attitudes toward social media
  • Voice search statistics

The podcast delivers the same level of professionalism and timeliness in a digestible format. The host, Loren Baker, founded Search Engine Journal, in addition to running his own digital marketing agency. Each hour-long episode features experts on the topic, a major factor in its inclusion in the best SEO podcasts.

Previously called “Marketing Nerds,” this podcast has over 300 episodes available for listening on the following platforms:

  • YouTube
  • Apple Podcast
  • Spotify
  • Google Podcasts

Each episode has its own webpage with a short synopsis of the contents, allowing you to preview the topic and decide whether it’s relevant to your interests. The Search Engine Journal Show is an excellent choice for those familiar with SEO basics and looking to stay updated on industry trends.

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2. The Authority Hacker

Another long-running and informative show, The Authority Hacker focuses on SEO education, even offering paid classes to those who want in-depth instruction on the following:

  • Deep sales funnels
  • Email marketing
  • Scalable link building

Of course, you can skip the price tag and learn tips from one of the best SEO podcasts by the same name. The Authority Hacker team has produced over 300 episodes, each ranging from 45 minutes to over an hour in length. The hosts, Mark Webster and Gael Breton, have extensive resumes, including more than a decade each in digital marketing and the sale of several successful websites.

This podcast breaks the mold by exploring topics outside the standard SEO fare:

  • Fighting sites that copy your content
  • Choosing an effective domain name
  • Identifying link farms
  • Recognizing lucrative niche markets
  • Discussing the efficacy of buying backlinks

More focused on tools and tricks, The Authority Hacker podcast is a good listen for anyone interested in the business side of website building.

3. Search Off the Record

Search engine optimization podcast.

If you want information on what content marketing ranks best, why not go directly to the source? Search Off the Record is an SEO podcast produced by none other than Google. While not as prolific as the others on this list, Search Off the Record gives you an inside look at the strategies behind search engine algorithms — a unique angle, even among the best SEO podcasts.

The four hosts work for Google in various roles:

  • John Mueller is a search relations lead.
  • Lizzi Sassman is a tech writer.
  • Martin Splitt is a developer advocate.
  • Gary Illyes is a search advocate.

With their wide range of experience, this team offers one-of-a-kind perspectives on digital marketing. The episodes range from 20 to nearly 40 minutes, providing bite-sized info for listeners who don’t have time for hour-long discussions. Episodes only drop once a month with no consistent date, so subscribe to ensure you don’t miss the latest post.

As you may expect, Search Off the Record leans toward the more technical side of SEO:

  • Importance of sitemaps
  • Reasons a website may not get indexed
  • Accessibility in user interface
  • Ways to use the Google Search Status Dashboard
  • Website staging and launching tips

Most interestingly, this podcast sometimes takes questions from listeners, which means you may have the chance to ask Google your burning SEO questions in the future. We recommend this podcast to anyone curious about how search engines work on the back end.

4. Edge of the Web

Among the best SEO podcasts, Edge of the Web stands out for its clear categorizations. This podcast has three types of formats, and each episode clearly states which one it utilizes:

  • The Scrum: A panel format featuring guests in hour-long deep dives
  • Interview Series: Interviews with professionals from digital marketing and adjacent industries
  • New From the Edge: Half-hour segments discussing the latest digital marketing news

Edge of the Web has two regular hosts, Mordy Oberstein and Erin Sparks. Oberstein is currently Wix’s Head of SEO Branding, while Sparks owns Site Strategics and is the founder of Edge of the Web. Their approach to podcasting makes Edge of the Web a great listen for people who want to dip into many aspects of digital marketing.

Implement Tips From the Best SEO Podcasts

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