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How To Develop Your Beauty Marketing Strategy

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As a beauty, cosmetics, or personal care brand owner, you want your products to speak for themselves, whether your niche is in skincare products or the latest and greatest eyeshadow colors. While excellent inventory is paramount in bringing in new customers and retaining current ones, the fact is that marketing is the first key to getting anybody to notice your products.

Statista reports that more than 25% of all beauty industry sales in 2022 happened online. This means it’s more important than ever to learn how the digital content you create and the online partnerships you form affect your company’s bottom line. Developing the right beauty marketing strategy is essential.

Drive Your Beauty Marketing Strategy With Content

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There is a difference between good content and great content. Good content provides the information necessary but perhaps doesn’t speak to the reader. Great content is full of personality in addition to information. It shows off your brand, stays relevant, and keeps up with trends in digital marketing.

It goes well beyond descriptions of your products, too. Successful beauty companies often offer a combination of many types of content:

  • Informative websites
  • Interesting and unique blogs
  • Product tutorials
  • Video content
  • Active social media accounts
  • Email newsletters

Many business owners find that the challenge lies in creating that unique, interesting, and trending content. Making share-worthy social media posts, writing informative blogs, and maintaining email newsletters can feel overwhelming when you’re also trying to juggle sending out orders, responding to customer queries, and buying enough inventory.

We’ll let you in on a secret, though. Most of the beauty companies that are managing to do all of these things at once aren’t doing it alone. In fact, they often have content creators like the ones at BKA Content working behind the scenes to help them develop their online brand by writing blogs or composing engaging social media posts while they focus on the day-to-day tasks required to run a business.

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Search Engine Optimization Is the Key To High-Performing Content

SEO is vital for ensuring your website, blog, and social media profiles reach the top of the search engine results pages. Pages should include both long-tail keyphrases and shorter keywords. Images, videos, and pages should include title tags and descriptions. Product descriptions should include keywords regarding the type of item it is, its colors, and so on.

Even the structure of your URLs matters. A page URL like “www.fashionbrand.com/t-shirts” is easier to remember than “www.fashionbrand.com/clothing/tops/shirts/t-shirts,” for example.

Focus on Building a Community

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From TikTok influencers to YouTube tutorial creators, the beauty industry has always been about community, and the right cosmetics marketing strategy must keep that in mind to be successful. How do you build community? It’s not as hard as you might think.

Interact With Your Audience and Your Own Content

The easiest way you can begin to build community as part of your beauty marketing strategy is to interact with the people who interact with you. If someone takes the time to review the products you sent them, thank them (and do what you can to make it right if they happen to be dissatisfied).

If one of your readers comments on your blog post and provides more insight, respond to them. Answer the questions people ask on your social media pages as well. This shows that you care about more than dollar signs and enjoy actual engagement with your brand.

Follow the Social Media Trends

If you aren’t someone who already enjoys following social media trends (looking at you, TikTok dances), you might feel a bit silly about this at first, but it’s effective. People like to know who is behind a brand and see their human side, so by all means do the TikTok dance or share a funny meme related to your industry. Topping it off with the right trending hashtags is the icing on the cake, since savvy tagging is likely to bring in new followers.

Show That You Appreciate Your Customers

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Part of building a community is ensuring you retain the customers you already have. Many companies provide discounts for first-time buyers, but not many of them offer discounts after that outside of holiday sales. Show your customers that you appreciate them by creating a system that rewards them for loyalty.

This could involve giving them a large discount after they spend a certain dollar amount, a free product of their choice on their birthday, or even a small percentage off their next purchase for no reason other than you want to say “thanks.” Use email or SMS marketing tactics to keep up with current customers and let them know when they have rewards available.

Build Relationships With Social Media Influencers

A few years ago, nobody knew what social media influencing really was. These days, more people (61% according to Shopify) trust recommendations from influencers more than they trust branded social media content. While this doesn’t mean you should skip that branded content, it does mean you should consider building relationships with influencers as well, especially those who are part of the younger millennial or Gen Z generations.

The key here is to be ethical. Too often, companies pay exorbitant amounts of money to get an influencer to say they like a product even if they don’t. The result may be lots of sales initially, but it could also mean lots of dissatisfied customers who tank your online reputation. For a truly beneficial influencer experience, ask the people you work with to be honest and provide feedback that will help you create better products in the future.

Tap Into Social Listening To Hone Your Cosmetics Marketing Strategy

If you’ve ever wanted to listen in on someone else’s conversation, you may be surprised to learn this is also a wise marketing strategy for beauty products.

Social listening is the method of monitoring your online presence. In addition to checking your website’s visitor statistics, you can search your company’s name on Google, see who is mentioning you on Twitter, and even track your company’s products and its competitors. This will help you to learn what your customers and potential customers want and give you the information you need to create more user-friendly beauty products and more online content to draw in interest.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to do this manually. A range of software products on the market can continuously search your company’s name, product names, and their related keywords. You’ll receive an aggregated list that helps you determine your next move.

Get Started On Your Next Beauty Marketing Strategy

The key to any online marketing is to have fun with it. From silly TikTok dances to unique content creation, creating a community to building relationships with social media influencers, your strategies can be as interesting for you as they are for your current and potential customers.

Are you not sure where to start? BKA Content has you covered. We provide a wide variety of content creation services, including blogs, social media content, product descriptions, and web pages. We’ve been providing high-quality, engaging, and fun content to thousands of users since 2010, and we’re excited to do the same for you. Learn more about our beauty services and let us help with your customized beauty marketing strategy so your content thrives.

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