ai marketing trends in 2022

AI Marketing Trends in 2022

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Although many people believe otherwise, artificial intelligence is not a new concept. AI has long been a pillar of the science fiction community. From the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz to the robot in Metropolis, artificial intelligence has a history dating back to the early 20th century. By the 1950s, scientists and mathematicians began to explore how artificial intelligence could be useful in the real world.

By 1974, artificial intelligence was flourishing. Computers were speeding up, becoming more affordable and therefore becoming more accessible. There were also improvements to learning algorithms, allowing computers to create problem-solving goals, interpret spoken language, and much more. By the 1990s and 2000s, there were interesting developments in artificial intelligence such as the highly publicized chess match between Deep Blue, an IBM creation, and the reigning grand master of chess, Garry Kasparov. These days, artificial intelligence is everywhere and it will only continue to spread. These AI trends in 2022 are just some of the advancements you can expect.

What AI Trends Can You Expect To See in 2022?

It’s 2022 and artificial intelligence is now mainstream. From the chat services on your favorite websites to the cashier’s kiosks at your local stores, AI is something that millions of people interact with on a daily basis. There have been shifts in its uses, though, including some new trends in AI.

1. Power in Language Modeling

For an AI machine to create natural-sounding language, it must undergo language modeling training. A branch of computer science, natural language processing focuses on creating and analyzing, as well as interpreting, human language. Once interpreted, the information is useful for a variety of situations, including recognizing handwritten characters, answering questions, recognizing speech, and retrieving information.

language modeling ai

Currently, the most powerful language model available is the GPT-3, a model debuted by OpenAI. With the right type of human priming, the GPT-3 can work computer code, compose letters, and much more. Significant advancements in language modeling and how people use it are expected in 2022 and well beyond. In fact, OpenAI is currently working on GPT-4 and other companies are working on their own language model versions.

2. AI in Content Creation

One of the biggest artificial intelligence trends is the ability of AI to be creative. AI models can create a wide variety of content, including music, poetry, and video games. Beyond that, though, AI can create content for business websites. In 2022, you can expect to see more from GPT-4, as well as from Google’s project, known as Brain. These projects show how AI can focus on creative tasks such as writing news headlines, creating logos, and designing infographics.

ai content creation

Because these projects are “artificial intelligence,” but are taking on the creative process, they may even alter the definition of what people consider real intellect.

3. Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has long been an important aspect of doing business online. In fact, experts consider cybercrimes to be a major threat to business on a global level. As more people rely on machines and do business online, they become more vulnerable to cybercrimes.

ai cyber security

Of course, those same machines can save people and businesses from falling victim to cybercrimes. One of the biggest new trends in AI is the ability to use artificial intelligence to fight cybercriminals. Artificial intelligence can detect when suspicious activity is occurring by analyzing the usual traffic patterns on a network and determining when those patterns break. Natural language processing will help to create significant cybersecurity advances in 2022 and beyond.

4. Artificial Intelligence Without Code

Thanks to AI trends that do not require code, small businesses now have access to some of the same sophisticated, high-end technology that large corporations do. No-code AI platforms make it easier for small businesses to accomplish tasks without a variety of barriers. No-code AI has several benefits, including faster implementation, a lower cost of development, and ease of use. Writing code from scratch, troubleshooting it and debugging it can take days or even weeks. No-code AI can save up to 90% of a small business’s time. In addition, organizations no longer need a large data science center for their AI. Finally, drag-and-drop coding makes it easier for small businesses to develop their own software and lets them create apps without needing intensive coding knowledge.

5. Artificial Intelligence and the Augmented Workforce

Some people worry about artificial intelligence taking over the jobs of humans in many industries. While AI machines will never completely take over the jobs of humans, there is no denying that the AI trends of 2022 mean humans will increasingly work alongside machines in some industries. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be working alongside robots in the coming years, though. In fact, artificial intelligence has already been in use in most industries for some time now, improving cognitive capabilities and performing such tasks as marketing. In the coming months and years, expect AI to sift through the large amounts of data made available to workers and pull the most important information necessary for each task. Smart tools make it easier for people to do their work in industries that range from law to retail.

6. Reinforcement Learning in Artificial Intelligence

Reinforcement learning is another branch of machine learning that is important in the AI community. This type of learning is based on reward-based training and making decisions. AI learns from the surrounding environment in reinforcement learning and adjusts behavior as needed to maximize rewards.

ai learning

It mimics how humans learn by not always receiving positive reinforcement and going through trial-and-error processes to achieve goals. Most commonly, reinforcement learning is used in data science, robotics, financial trading, and games. Many people consider reinforcement learning to be one of the most exciting trends in AI.

7. The Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence

If you haven’t heard of the metaverse yet, you’re sure to soon. It’s the name for a single digital environment that people can use to play games and collaborate. Although it is similar to the internet, the metaverse has more of an emphasis on creating realistic experiences. In fact, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has mentioned creating a metaverse that combines virtual reality with the social aspects of Facebook, which has made the metaverse idea even more popular among technology enthusiasts.

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Naturally, artificial intelligence is a key aspect of creating a metaverse. It helps to create online environments that allow people to be more creative or simply play some of their favorite games against artificial intelligence components.

8. AI and Robotic Arms

One of the biggest ways that AI technology is making waves is in the field of robotic arms. Machine learning and the generation of natural languages make it easier to create robotic arms, which have significantly decreased in price over the last few years. Natural language processing creates, analyzes, and interprets the human language to allow arms to do things such as recognize speech, translate machine information, recognize handwriting, answer questions, and much more. This means that today’s robotic arms are more useful for those who have more severe disabilities.

The Biggest Problem With Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence isn’t without its problems. The AI workforce is rare and expensive, not to mention the fact that as more data is acquired and stored it may grow to the point that it becomes hard to analyze. Beyond that, some experts worry about AI and problematic language. Some AI robots in the past have been shown to use racist, sexist, and misogynistic language that needs to be erased from AI abilities.

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Beings in the Workforce?

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From AI in content creation to artificial intelligence in grocery stores, one question is on many people’s minds: Will artificial intelligence make the human worker obsolete? While robots and other types of artificial intelligence are supposed to be much more integrated into society by 2025, especially in customer service, logistics, and healthcare, the truth is that there’s a divide in the number of experts who think artificial intelligence will take over jobs from human workers and how many believe it won’t. About 48% of experts feel that robots and other types of AI will replace a significant number of workers.

On the other hand, 52% believe that trends in artificial intelligence will create more jobs than they take away. They expect that human ingenuity will create new jobs and even new industries, much like what happened during the Industrial Revolution. However, people on both sides are worried that educational facilities are not adequately preparing people for how the job market will change as artificial intelligence becomes more prominent.

AI Won’t Take Over the Human Element

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Despite AI in content creation and in many other global industries, the truth is that it is not expected to take over any industry in full, at least not at any time in the foreseeable future. In fact, if you want to be sure that humans write your website content, you can subscribe to one of BKA’s blog writing services. Our talented writers create hundreds of blogs every month that can help your business rise in the search engine results page ranks and show off your talented company to potential clients or buyers.

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