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9 Productivity Tips To Get the Most From SEO Blog Writing Services

by | Jun 26, 2020 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

9 Productivity Tips To Get the Most From SEO Blog Writing Services

by | Jun 26, 2020 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Content marketing is a powerful tool that can help brands increase their visibility and authority. It can also help enhance search engine optimization. However, it isn’t an easy channel to compete in. To create effective content, you need the right SEO blog writing services (whether in-house or outsourced) and the right strategy to bring it together.


Becoming Efficient With Your SEO Blog Writing Services

Maintaining a productive and effective content writing process is challenging. Many teams start strong, but their enthusiasm flags after their initial ideas run out. Keeping a consistent and effective content marketing strategy is no small undertaking.

Fortunately, there are a few productivity and creativity tips that can help you achieve a more consistent content writing strategy. Whether you hire an SEO blog writing service to help you create content or do it all yourself, these tips will empower you to achieve your marketing goals.


1) Record Ideas When They Come

Idea creation can be a major impediment to productive content marketing. Simply put, it is difficult to just sit down and come up with ideas.

A simple strategy for overcoming this obstacle is to record your ideas whenever you have them. That way, when inspiration strikes, you can immediately write down your thoughts and reference them later.

Consider carrying a notebook around with you. If you think of a brilliant new idea for a paid ad, you will have a system for capturing that concept before you forget it.

notepad for ideas

Over time, this will help you to steadily create a bank of ideas. Try organizing them into categories. Some will be highly topical and need to be written almost immediately. Others may be seasonal or otherwise somewhat time-bound, but not necessarily early. The most valuable content tends to be evergreen, meaning that it will always contain relevant information, no matter when you read it.

You can also expand your idea pool by creating variants of concepts. For example, if you want to produce a list of summer activities that are relevant to your products, you can do the same for fall, winter and spring. In doing so, you turn one idea into four. In fact, you could potentially produce those same four articles every year with new updates each time.


2) Plan Each Piece Before Creation

When you want to be productive, it is tempting to try to dive straight into writing. However, for content marketing, this may be a mistake. Instead, it is helpful to have a complete plan for each piece of content first.

Think about what you intend to achieve with each specific piece and how it will fit into your broader strategy. Additionally, consider how you plan to promote it. Content writing isn’t very beneficial if the piece doesn’t reach the intended audience.

Some of your promotional considerations may include the format of the content, the channels you will promote it on and the schedule for promotion. One piece may require intense, short-term promotion, while another may need more of a slow burn.

Planning out these factors =before you start creating can help you to avoid wasting time on ideas that aren’t likely to be successful. This process will also help you to better leverage your SEO blog writing services for greater impact. For example, you may realize that a particular subtopic is especially relevant for your audience. Ultimately, a piece of content is only worthwhile if it works for the audience.

Finally, consider if and how you can repurpose your content. As mentioned above, reusing and reshaping ideas can help you expand your pool of content. It is helpful to think about this before you delve into the first iteration.


3) Set Goals and Track Progress

It probably comes as no surprise that goal setting can help you stay more productive. Effective goals can improve the efficiency and results of almost any business project. Using the SMART criteria is a helpful way to write better goals:

  • Specific: The goal should be focused on a particular area of improvement.
  • Measurable: You should be able to quantify your goal, or at least clearly know whether it has been achieved.
  • Action-Oriented: There should be action steps you can take to achieve your goal.
  • Realistic: The end result should be something that you can realistically achieve (even if it is ambitious).
  • Time-Bound: There should be a time parameter for achieving your goal.

There are other versions of this acronym and other criteria sets, each with its own merits. Regardless of which system you prefer, having a methodology that helps you write useful goals will enable you to achieve more with your content marketing.

Set goals for content from SEO blog writing services

Another important element is tracking your progress. This should be closely linked with your goal setting (see “Measurable” above). Consider establishing a scorecard of key performance indicators to help you evaluate each piece of content and your strategy overall. This may include clicks, conversion rates, shares and other valuable metrics.

Setting goals and tracking your progress will help keep you on the path to success. It will help you focus on the ideas and techniques that deliver significant results.


4) Learn To Foster Flow

Getting in a state of flow can improve your productivity. This is especially important for creative work, such as content creation, because it requires greater cognition.

Flow is a concept in positive psychology that describes a state of mind in which a person is fully immersed in the task at hand. People also often call this “being in the zone.” When you achieve flow, you can devote a larger portion of your brain activity to creating ideas, writing content and promoting the results.

Achieving flow is a little different for everyone. So, there is not a single, one-size-fits-all solution. Nonetheless, a few tricks can be valuable. First, make sure to eliminate as many distractions as possible from your workspace. Second, avoid multitasking mentally or physically.

It is also helpful to work at your peak time. For example, if you are not a morning person, don’t try to find your flow first thing in the morning. Perhaps you tend to hit your stride in the early afternoon. Save your most important work for that time.

Chances are that you have naturally experienced flow previously. However, if you can learn to foster it, you will be able to more intentionally get into a flow to get your work done.


5) Remember the Audience During Content Writing

When developing a piece of content, always keep the audience in mind. This concept was briefly mentioned in the tip on content planning. However, it is so important that it deserves its own tip.

Think about who will be reading the piece. You can have the best idea in the world, but if it doesn’t work for your audience, it will not achieve the results you want.

Creating personas can be a helpful way to understand your audience better. These are fictional, representative customers. Typically, marketers create one persona per audience group. For example, you may create a persona representing college students.

Start by creating a description of someone who would likely fit into the target group. Give that person a name and choose a photo that fits the character. Most brands will have several personas that represent different parts of their audiences.


Thinking in terms of personas helps to make the audience feel more real. As you plan, create and distribute content, this technique will help you to make decisions that better suit the people who will be reading, viewing and/or listening to the piece.

You are creating content to attract a specific audience. If you aren’t thinking about it when you are working, you will likely create pieces that don’t speak to the wants and needs of your would-be customers. In other words, if you forget your audience, you will be wasting your time.


6) Create a Process for Publishing and Promoting Content

You can increase your productivity by having a well-defined and consistent process for publishing and promoting your content. This should be a repeatable process that minimizes the amount of effort you need to put into the logistics of each piece of content.

Whether you use content writing services or in-house writers, there is no getting around the need for creativity and effort when coming up with ideas and creating content. However, you can minimize the level of work needed for all the other parts.

Your process should include considerations such as where content will be primarily hosted, what the schedule for posting will be, how it will be promoted on various channels and when it will appear in email marketing. Many of these decisions and tasks will be the same for all or at least many of your pieces. So, why reinvent the wheel every time?

When you begin, you may want to have a single process for every piece. As you start to get more advanced, you can consider having a few versions of this process optimized for different campaigns and goals.


7) Stick to Your Calendar

As you may already know, it is very valuable to have a content marketing calendar. This is a plan for what content you will create and when. Your calendar should include two types of entries: types of content and specific ideas. In other words, you should have a long-term plan for the sorts of topics and media that you will create and distribute. As you come up with ideas, you can swap these general types of content out for specific ideas you have planned.

This calendar can be extremely valuable and will help to improve your productivity long-term. In general, it is a good idea to stick to your calendar and avoid deviating.

Sometimes there will be necessary exceptions to this. For example, a world or market event may make a particular piece very topical. Naturally, you should produce topical content when it is relevant. This may require deviating from your plan.

Content calendar for seo blog writing services

Additionally, you can always adjust the strategy of your calendar as you learn more about what does and doesn’t resonate with your audience. However, you should avoid changing things up just because you have a moment of inspiration. If there is no added value in writing a piece now rather than when it is planned to be released, don’t change things.

Perhaps even more importantly, don’t let yourself get behind on the calendar. Working with SEO blog writing services can make this easier. Professional writers are typically better at following planned schedules.


8) Repurpose Content

Whenever possible, repurpose your content. You don’t have to come up with an original idea every time you want to release something. Instead, you can simply modify or reformat your content and reuse it.

One easy way to repurpose your content is to change the medium. Many marketers focus on articles and blog posts when thinking about content marketing. While these are often highly effective, there are many other types of media that can work too. HubSpot identifies 12 types of content that can fit into your toolkit.

So, you could produce a video, then write an article summarizing the points. Similarly, you may write a whitepaper and then host a webinar about it. You could even record the webinar and release that.

Of course, you don’t want to have a content calendar that is dominated by the same small number of topics. There is value in fresh ideas. However, if you planned to release something every week, for example, you could repurpose each idea once to have 52 releases with 26 topics in a year.

Beyond saving you some time and energy, this process will also help you to engage a wider audience. Not everyone enjoys watching videos or reading articles. Some people like a deep dive into the data, while others prefer the high-level summary. Repurposing content means that your pieces can suit the preferences of more audience members.

Whenever possible, repurpose your content ♻️. You don’t have to come up with an original idea every time you want to release something. Instead, simply modify or reformat your content and reuse it. #ContentMarketing #MarketingTips Click To Tweet


9) Schedule Time To Revisit Each Piece

When you publish an article and schedule the social media posts that will promote it, you may think that you are done. However, it is very valuable to revisit each piece you have published after a few weeks or so.

This creates an opportunity for you to check out the metrics for the piece and evaluate its performance. It is also a chance to think about how the item may be repurposed, re-promoted or otherwise improved.

In some cases, this time will simply be a retrospective period to think about what you could do better in the future. In other cases, you may find ways that you can get more from the piece of content.

Revisiting your blog

It is very easy to put off self-evaluation of marketing in favor of tasks that seem more urgent or important. However, getting in the habit of revisiting each item will set you up for significant future success. It will also help you get more for your money if you are hiring SEO blog writing services.

Once you have made a habit of this process, it will be easy to make the necessary time. However, getting started can be tougher. The best technique is to schedule a block of time as soon as you publish the piece.


Using SEO Blog Writing Services To Fuel Your Marketing Success

Staying productive with your content marketing efforts isn’t easy. By its nature, content writing involves coming up with new and creative ideas regularly. Doing so consistently is no simple undertaking. However, by using the nine tips above, you can improve your productivity and your results.

For many brands, it is better to hire SEO blog writing services to help create a catalog of content. In many cases, you will save more time and energy than the cost of the service. BKA Content provides content writing services tailored to your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your brand.

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