6 Part-Time Freelance Writing Jobs for Students

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As a college student, it can be difficult to find a job that allows you to make money while offering the flexibility to attend classes. If you are a wordsmith, part-time freelance writing jobs allow you to work as much or as little as you want so you can pace yourself and avoid burnout. The experience you gain writing may also help your post-undergraduate career.

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What Are Some of the Best Part-Time Freelance Writing Jobs for College Students?

It can be challenging to start in any field when you don’t have much professional experience. Nevertheless, there are entry-level positions that can help you gain experience in professional writing. Additionally, you may have experience in other areas of life that may be applicable.

Here are examples of part-time freelance writing jobs that may be available to you as a college student.

1. Tutor in Your College Writing Center

Any student on campus can make an appointment in the writing center when struggling with an assignment. Tutors are usually fellow students who read through assignments and give suggestions on how the writer can improve.

Working in the writing center can be a great way to earn money as a student. Because the writing center primarily hires students, the supervisors understand you need to make time for class, so they are willing to accommodate your schedule. Working as a writing center tutor allows you to apply the skills you already have, and working with fellow student writers can help you improve your skills.

2. Publish Guest Posts on Websites or Blogs

When you start looking for part-time freelance writing jobs, you may be asked to submit a portfolio. One way to build a professional portfolio is to write guest posts on other people’s websites or blogs.

Identify a topic about which you have knowledge that could be helpful to others, such as a hobby you have had for many years. Look at the websites and blogs that you frequently read to see if they accept guest submissions. You may be able to earn money by writing guest posts, and you will definitely gain experience and be able to build your portfolio.

3. Create Social Media Content

If you’ve grown up in the world of social media, you’ve probably had years of experience creating content for your own personal accounts on Instagram, Twitter, etc. You may be able to apply your personal experience when looking for part-time freelance writing jobs by creating social media content for other brands. This may be a local business in your community, perhaps the coffeehouse where you and your friends hang out, or a huge nationwide brand. In either case, your role will be to create content that helps the company connect with its existing customers and reach out to new ones.

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4. Write Articles for Kids’ Magazines

Even if you don’t have much professional experience as a writer, you have years of experience as a child and adolescent. You may be able to apply that experience to create content for magazines aimed at kids and teens. If you’re just out of high school, this may be one of the few part-time freelance writing jobs open to you. Magazines that cater to young people are often interested in the voice of a peer or someone just slightly older than their readership.

5. Offer Gig Work on an Appropriate Online Platform

Use websites such as UpWork or Fiverr to create a professional profile, promote your services as a gig writer, and connect with people offering short-term, part-time freelance writing jobs. With gig writing work, you arrange with someone to write a piece of content for a certain fee. The downside to this approach is that once the gig is over, i.e., you submit your piece of writing and collect your fee, the professional relationship may be over. However, people who have hired you for gig work before and were happy with your writing may want to hire you to create more content for them.

6. Write for a Content Creation Company

If you’re interested in the flexibility of gig work but would prefer a long-term professional relationship, look for a freelance position with a content creation company such as BKA. We have clients order content from us such as blog posts, product descriptions, and landing pages. We contract with freelance writers all over the United States to produce high-quality content of all types.

When you become a member of our team of freelance writers, you have the freedom to choose the assignments you want to do. We give you a deadline by which you need to finish and submit the work, but other than that, we do not impose any schedule requirements for you. We make it easy for you to work and submit finished pieces from wherever you want to.

Flexible Part-Time Freelance Writing Jobs for Students

Are there any flexible writing jobs that are perfect for college students? Share them in the comments below!

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