5 Ways To Love Your Job

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Things just aren’t the same anymore. The honeymoon sparks you felt when you were first hired have paled in the light of the dull computer screen you stare at hour after hour in an effort to bring home the bacon. Gripped with uncertainty, you find yourself wondering if this writing job really is “the one.” That’s when the question of truth arises: If you met your current job on a dating app, would you swipe right? While most people find that the black and white romance they want with their career comes in shades of gray, it’s possible to find new ways to love your job.

How To Fall in Love With Your Job

The following tips can help revitalize your relationship with your job.

1. Find – or Make – Meaning in What You Do

Meaningful work has a lot to do with job satisfaction, and the truth is, you can decide what that looks like. Whether or not you’re constantly writing about subjects aligned with your passion, you can warm up the attitude you have towards your work by choosing to find ways to improve your writing skills or by noting the effect your words can have on the world.

2. Connect With a Coworker

When you ask people why they love their job, they usually mention their coworkers. Social connection – even digitally – can turn any job from dull to doable. Are you freelancing from home? Send a quick thank-you email to someone you work with and start building a friendship.

3. Make Checklists – and Complete Them

Before you start working on anything, make a list of tasks you need to knock out during your time at the office. Write down both small steps and large goals, taking care to put those “chicken list” projects at the top so you can get them out of the way while your coffee is still doing its job. When it’s quitting time, go back and check off anything you were able to finish (or anything extra you threw in along the way). Having concrete evidence of your accomplishments throughout the workday can leave you feeling great about picking up where you left off.

4. Take a Break Now and Then

You know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Even if you have a big project you’re working on or a pile of topics to tackle within a short deadline, remember that you are often more productive (and less prone to insanity) if you can work in spurts. That’s also part of the beauty of a flexible writing schedule. Set aside amounts of focus time you can use to hunker down, sprinkled with intermittent opportunities to have a brain break, when you can stretch your legs or grab a sandwich to recharge.

5. Have a Life Outside of Work

Passions and careers don’t always mix. I mean, come on, no one ever pays me to watch baking shows! But it’s perfectly healthy to pursue other interests once you’re off the clock. Whether or not you write from home, do what you can to leave work at work, and make time for other things. Plan a vacation. Go for a hike. Work on your novel – whatever it takes to fulfill your personal and social needs.

If you can’t choose to do something you love, you can still choose to love the something you do. It may take some work, but you can find ways to love your job. What do you do to keep the romance alive? Share your advice in the comments below!

Shaundra Cragun

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