3 Ways To Produce Better Content

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The world of online marketing is evolving at a mind-dizzying rate, and the standard advertisement is quickly becoming a dinosaur. In fact, 7 out of every 10 customers now report that they would rather learn about a company through an engaging piece of content than through an advertisement. The trick is to produce better content that people actually want to read.

So, how do you create content that draws people in? Here are three effective methods you can use to create better content that will get you noticed.

1. Follow Hot Topics and Put Your Spin on Them

Most people love to stay up-to-date on hot topics, so incorporating current trends into your content is a great way to make it stand out. There are many different resources you can rely on for popular topics and ideas. Try perusing Reddit for the latest SEO news that you can pounce on, or pay attention to trending topics on Twitter and other social media sites.

When you find a topic that you can incorporate into your content, be sure to put your own spin on it so that readers will be intrigued and will want to learn more. Take the trending topic of Google’s recent SERP display change, for example. An SEO marketer could put a spin on this topic by discussing how the resulting increase in PPC costs makes it even more important to produce quality content that will bring organic traffic to your site. Figure out what topics your target audience is currently following, then come up with interesting ways to create helpful and authoritative content around those topics.

2. Track and Analyze Your Brand Exposure 

It can be hard to improve your content if you don’t analyze what’s already working well for you and what isn’t. Here are a few suggestions for tracking and analyzing your content:

  • Stalk social media (in a non-creepy way, of course) to find out which posts are getting the most social shares.
  • Study which emails are being opened, and pay attention to their click-through-rate.
  • Follow traffic to determine which types of content bring the most traffic to your website.

Some of these methods involve simple observance, while others require the assistance of a content analysis tool. If you are not currently taking the time to measure and track your brand exposure, you are missing out on some very revealing information that will help you improve your content.

3. Learn From the Best

You have probably noticed competitors who seem to have the content thing down to an art. Rather than trying to stand out by being completely different from them, why not learn from them?  Chances are they simply have a really great handle on who their audience is, and they follow steps 1 and 2 very deliberately. Shopify is just one example of a company who wins at marketing by constantly taking advantage of trending topics and turning them into helpful and informative articles and blog posts.


Like anything, trying to produce better content takes thought, time and effort. If your content is currently falling flat, try following hot topics, tracking your brand exposure and learning from the best. Do you have any additional tips for producing better content that have worked for your business? Let us know below!

Shelly Peterson

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