New Writing Services – Amazon and Walmart Descriptions

by | Jul 2, 2018 | News

by | Jul 2, 2018 | News

We are excited to announce that we have added a few new e-commerce writing services to our list of current offerings. These new writing services will help us to better serve those of you who need content for products that you are selling online.

We understand that there are many different e-commerce platforms out there, which is why these new services have been created to work more congruently with different platforms.

New Writing Services

If you are using product descriptions that you copied and pasted from a manufacturer or another e-commerce site, then it’s time to get them freshened up! We can rewrite your existing product descriptions in an original way to help Google better index your descriptions, which can help with rankings and traffic.

Selling products on Amazon? If so, making sure that your product descriptions follow Amazon’s recommended format can make or break your success on this e-commerce giant’s platform. By having your descriptions optimized, Amazon can better index and pull up your descriptions to users searching for relatable products.

Walmart’s growing platform also uses a specific format for product descriptions. By having your descriptions formatted correctly, you can set yourself up to see greater success when using this platform. With how competitive the e-commerce market is, why not give yourself every advantage possible?

For those of you who have existing product descriptions that just need a refresh, or if you are using Amazon or Walmart to sell your products, we hope that you will enjoy the new writing services that we’ve added to our portfolio.

The world of e-commerce content is incredibly competitive, so don’t miss out on a great opportunity to help give your product descriptions the edge that they need to perform better no matter what platform you use.

If you have any questions regarding these or any of our writing services, please contact us as we would be happy to help!

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