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Super Markers Vibrant Color Pack With Storage Rack (100 Markers, Multi-Color)

• Full rainbow of vibrant, bold colors perfect for both bold, thick lines and fine, detailed lines
• Water-based, non-toxic, acid-free markers are safe for users of all ages and conform to EN71 and D4236 art product certification
• Markers come with convenient storage rack for easy organization and safe-keeping
• Premium quality markers that are fun and easy to use
• Ideal for scrapbooking, writing, drawing, sketching, doodling or any other creative project

Indulge Your Creative Side With 100 Choices

These single tip-bullet point markers allow you to express your creative side in almost every color of the rainbow. Different hues and shades of each color are ideal for art projects of every size. Whether you are doodling on your sketchbook or scrapbooking your memories, you’ll find all the versatility you could possibly want in this pack.

Convenient Storage

No more markers scattered all over your craft room or storage space! No more searching for your favorite missing colors! This set of markers comes complete with an organizer and storage rack, so you always have access to the colors you love. The markers are easy to use and safe for any individual over three years of age.

Great for Those Detailed Projects

These markers are perfect for those detailed projects where you need a fine tip to get the job done without mistakes. With the specialized bullet point tip, you can use these markers for both thicker, bolder lines and fine, detailed lines. No need to switch out markers for each project!

Perfect Gift for an Art Lover

If you have an art lover in your life, this set of markers is sure to be a favorite gift. With so many colors to choose from, creating has never been so easy. There is no limit to what you can do with 100 different hues in your palette.

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