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“BKA Content’s monthly WordPress SEO Services are totally killing it! Of the 8900 keywords we rank for, 7400 of them are from the content marketing they’ve done for us.”

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Janet. L
CloudAgency, Inc.

Our Monthly WordPress SEO Services Get Results

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How Our WordPress SEO Services Helped

Cloudficient picked our Advanced Organic SEO Package which includes 8 SEO blog posts per month.

Keyword Research – Our WordPress blog writing strategists conducted thorough research of Cloudficient’s website as well as their competitors’ sites to identify valuable keywords with high monthly traffic potential and low competition. Using these opportunity keywords, our strategists created topics and SEO-optimized outlines for the blog posts to be written.

SEO Content Creation – We utilized our expertise to craft blog topics that aligned with the keywords we selected in the previous step. Our goal was to ensure that these topics matched search intent and were optimized for WordPress SEO. We created exceptional blog posts and published them on their WordPress blog every month like clockwork.

Measuring and Adjusting – We tracked the performance and progress of each targeted keyword on WordPress and adjusted our SEO strategy on a monthly basis to ensure maximum results.

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Traffic Increase

New Keywords Ranked

Keywords Ranking in Top 10

How Our WordPress SEO Packages Helped

XLNT Foods picked our Starter SEO Package which includes 2 SEO blog posts per month.

Keyword Research –  Our team of WordPress SEO blog writing specialists performed an in-depth analysis of keywords to identify high-performing, low-competition keywords with significant monthly traffic potential and low keyword difficulty. As our client’s products were food-based, we also researched keyword clusters that were one step higher than the actual products to target both high-volume keyword phrases and long-tail keywords.

SEO Content Creation – After placing the selected keywords, we aligned our blog topics with them. Our WordPress SEO blog writing specialists ensured that the topics matched the search intent by leveraging their expertise. Then, we transformed these topics into excellent blog posts, optimized them with the best SEO practices and published them consistently every month on their WordPress blog.

Tracking and Adjusting – Our approach to blog writing involves monitoring the development and results of every article. We examine factors such as the number and relevance of keywords, the consistency of the topic, and make modifications where required. By paying close attention to these details, we are able to refine our strategy on a monthly basis and enhance our overall ranking performance.

Expert WordPress SEO Strategy

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Content Marketing Strategist

The effectiveness of a blog writing package is contingent on the quality of its content marketing strategy.

Our monthly WordPress SEO Services packages include a personal content marketing strategist who specializes in WordPress SEO blogging. They will consult with you to gain an understanding of your business, target audience, competitors, and online marketing objectives. Utilizing this information, they will conduct keyword research, generate topics and outlines, and construct a WordPress SEO blogging strategy tailored to drive outcomes.

Although we aspire to achieve first-page rankings for every blog post, we recognize that this is not always feasible. Therefore, we constantly monitor alterations in the SEO industry and your company’s online competitive environment. As a result, your WordPress SEO blog writing strategist will make any necessary tweaks and modifications to optimize monthly performance.

WordPress SEO Content – The Engine

WordPress SEO Services Done Right

Many WordPress SEO agencies and businesses fail to excel in blog writing strategy and implementation. They may select the wrong keywords to target or incorrectly optimize promising keywords during the blog creation process. Effective selection and implementation of keywords is crucial to achieving success with blog writing services.

At BKA Content, we possess more than 13 years of experience providing WordPress SEO services. Our comprehensive offerings include keyword research, blog post writing, content editing, and optimization to enhance rankings and traffic. With a track record of delivering WordPress SEO Services to hundreds of clients and measuring content results, we have the data to support our expertise. We will identify suitable keywords for your business and appropriately integrate them into your blog writing to generate optimal outcomes.

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The Best SEO Solution for WordPress Websites

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A Hands-Off Approach to Strategic WordPress SEO Blog Writing

Don’t struggle with managing your WordPress blog on your own any longer! We’ve spoken to numerous business owners who share a similar experience with blog writing for SEO. They become enthusiastic about the possibility of acquiring organic SEO traffic through blogging and decide to take on the task themselves.

However, as they get preoccupied with other aspects of their business, the blog tends to fall by the wayside. It’s only after several months have passed that they realize they haven’t posted anything, and the task is deferred yet again. Don’t miss out on the confirmed benefits of SEO blog writing. Let our monthly WordPress SEO services handle your organic marketing endeavors, freeing up your time to concentrate on other crucial areas of your business.

Relax and observe as your traffic and keyword rankings soar when you enroll in one of our WordPress blog writing services packages.

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Over a period of 13 months, I have been utilizing the services of BKA Content to aid me in elevating traffic to my online store.

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Digital Marketing Director

It’s astounding to see the impact that their services have had on our online store – we’ve experienced a whopping 800% surge in traffic! Thanks to BKA Content, we are witnessing a remarkable transformation in our online business and are excited about the future possibilities.

Amy L.
SEO Director

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