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We provide affordable Wix SEO services for Wix websites everywhere. We use the power of strategic, monthly SEO blog content to raise keyword rankings, traffic, and sales!

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“BKA Content’s Wix SEO services packages are totally killing it! Of the 8900 keywords we rank for, 7400 of them are from the content marketing they’ve done for us.”

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Janet. L
CloudAgency, Inc.

Our Wix SEO Services Drive Results

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Traffic Increase

New Keywords Ranked

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How Our Wix SEO Services Helped

Cloudficient picked our Advanced Organic SEO Package which includes 8 SEO blog posts per month.

Keyword ResearchWe conducted thorough research on Cloudficient and its competitors to find opportunity keywords with high monthly traffic potential and low competition. Our strategists then developed SEO-optimized topics and outlines for the blog posts.

SEO Content CreationWith the blog writing strategy set, our SEO writers and editors crafted engaging and SEO-optimized blog posts for Cloudficient, which were scheduled for posting throughout the month with appropriate HTML formatting, images, and SEO metadata.

Measuring and Adjusting We tracked monthly keyword traction and rankings for the blog posts, enabling us to adjust the targeted keywords each month and maximize their ongoing results.

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Traffic Increase

New Keywords Ranked

Keywords Ranking in Top 10

How Our Monthly Wix SEO Plans Helped

XLNT Foods picked our Starter SEO Package which includes 2 SEO blog posts per month.

Keyword ResearchOur blog writers analyzed high-performing, low-competition keywords with monthly traffic potential and low keyword difficulty for food-based products. We also explored keyword clusters one level above to target high-volume and long-tail keyword phrases.

SEO Content CreationAfter selecting the keywords, we created blog topics that matched search intent and optimized them into exceptional posts using best-SEO practices. These were posted regularly on their blog every month.

Measuring and Adjusting We monitored each blog’s progress, assessing keyword count, topic relevance, and targeted keywords. With this level of detail, we adjust our strategy each month to improve ranking performance.

Expert Wix SEO Content Strategy

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Content Marketing Strategist

Our monthly Wix SEO services packages come with a personal content marketing strategist who will work with you to create an effective SEO blogging strategy. We understand that the success of a blog writing package depends on the strategy behind it, which is why our strategist will learn about your business, target market, competitors, and online marketing goals before conducting keyword research and creating topics and outlines.

While we strive to rank for every blog post on the first go-around, we also know that it’s not always possible. That’s why we continually monitor changes in the SEO industry and your business’s competitive landscape to make necessary tweaks and adjustments for optimal monthly performance.

Carefully Optimized Blog Content for SEO

Wix SEO Services Done Right

Many SEO agencies and businesses struggle with their blog writing strategy and implementation. They often select the wrong keywords or fail to optimize promising keywords in the blog creation process. This is why it’s crucial to pick and implement the right keywords to achieve success with Wix SEO services.

At BKA Content, we have over 13 years of experience providing comprehensive Wix blog writing services. Our services include keyword research, blog post creation, editing, and optimization to improve rankings and drive traffic. With a track record of successful Wix blog writing packages for hundreds of clients, we have the results to prove our expertise. Our team will select appropriate keywords for your business and implement them correctly into your blog writing to ensure maximum impact.

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A Proven SEO Service Made for Wix Websites

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A Hands-Off Approach to Wix SEO Services

Don’t let maintaining your Wix blog become a burden on your plate! Many Wix website owners have been there before – excited about the potential of organic SEO traffic through blogging, but ultimately too busy to keep up with it themselves. The result? Months go by without a single post, and missed opportunities for increased traffic and engagement.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to do it alone. Let our Wix SEO services take care of your organic marketing efforts so you can focus on running your business. We’ll handle everything from researching keywords and topics to crafting engaging blog posts and optimizing them for SEO.

With our experienced team of blog writers and content strategists, you can sit back, relax, and watch as your traffic and keyword rankings start to climb. So why wait? Sign up for one of our Wix SEO services packages today and start reaping the benefits of a well-maintained blog!

Here’s Why Websites ❤️ BKA Content’s Wix SEO Services

“I’ve been using BKA Content for 13 months now and rely on them to help me increase traffic to my Wix site.”

Jon B.
Digital Marketing Director

“BKA Content has helped us increase our Wix website traffic by 800% since starting with them!”

Amy L.
SEO Director

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