Standard Starter Plan

4 Blog Posts/Month
– 4 X 1,000-word post

This Package Also Includes:
– Content Strategy/Keyword Research
– SEO Content Optimization
– Topic/Title Creation
– Proofreading
– SEO Meta Description/Title Tags

From: $499.00 / month

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Step 1 – Choose the billing period as well as any add-on packages you desire.

Step 2 – Fill out the company and competitor information for your subscription.

Step 3 – Click “Sign Up Now” and check out.

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What Is a “Standard” Blog?

A standard blog post is meant for non-technical topics that only require general research and need a medium amount of understanding of the subject matter.

Do you need content for a more specialized/technical industry? B2B Content? Or would you just feel better using our high-level blog subscription offering meant for in-depth content? If so, you should take a look at our Pro Blog Subscription Services.


Why Choose a Standard Starter Plan?

It’s no secret that blogging is one of the most effective ways for businesses to build a brand, establish authority, boost customer engagement, increase loyalty and grow site traffic. So why isn’t every business doing it? The holdup is in the implementation.

In order to maximize the benefits of blogging, you need to consistently create high-quality, SEO-optimized blog content month after month. Not only that, you need a proven strategy that considers the number of blog posts, their length, and winnable keywords to target each month. Unless you have the skills/bandwidth to create a content strategy, research keywords, write engaging content and manage the process yourself, you’re likely to fail. This is where our blogging subscription services come in.

Our team of content experts will effectively put together a content strategy, create engaging, high-quality blog posts, and deliver on a monthly basis. It’s a “set it and forget it” approach to blogging made just for small businesses.


Who Is the Standard Starter Plan For?

The Level 1 Standard Blog Subscription Plan is a strategic entry-level option for small businesses just starting out with their content marketing campaigns. It’s a perfect way to affordably enter the blogging game with both a longer and shorter post per month.


What’s Included in the Standard Starter Plan?

Content Strategy/Keyword Research

Our strategists will first look at your site, then your competitors, and analyze any other information you give us in the sign-up form. We then target high-volume, low-competition keywords for your blogs using industry-leading software and craft a content plan/schedule based on that SEO data.

Topic/Title Creation

Once keywords are selected and analyzed, topics/titles for the blogs will be created based on popular search query data.

4 Blogs per Month (4000 Words Total)

Our professional blog writers will then create:

  • 4 X 1000-word blog post


Our trained editors will go through the content once it has been written to make sure it’s free from any spelling/grammatical errors.

Content Delivery

Upon completion, your subscription manager will email you the finished content along with any add-ons that you ordered. You simply need to publish the content onto your site and you’re done!


Add-ons Available:

We understand that small businesses are incredibly resourceful and may prefer to use some of their own teams and tools to complement what we do in order to save on costs. That being said, we do provide the following services for businesses that want it all:

Photo Package

For an additional $24 per blog post, we will provide 3 images total per post (this includes one featured image, two in-post images, and alt-text optimization).

Posting Package

For an additional $30 per blog post, we will upload, optimize and schedule the posts on your WordPress, Wix, or Shopify website every single month.

The Works

Pick this if you want both the Photo and Posting packages described above.


How quickly will I receive my content after starting my subscription?

Answer: You will recieve your content within a few weeks of starting your subscription. You will then receive content monthly for the duration of your active subscription.

Can I use one subscription to write for multiple websites or clients?

Answer: No. You can only have one subscription per website. If you have multiple websites or clients that need content, simply order multiple subscriptions.😊 

How does billing work?

Answer: You will be automatically billed based on the billing schedule you selected. Your subscription is set to auto renew once the billing cycle has ended. You can change this from the "My Account" settings menu.

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