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Looking for organic search engine optimization services that are affordable and that drive results? Our approach involves leveraging content optimized for SEO to elevate keyword rankings, drive more traffic, and generate sales!

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“BKA Content’s organic search optimization services are totally killing it! Of the 8900 keywords we rank for, 7400 of them are from the content marketing they’ve done for us.”

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Janet. L
CloudAgency, Inc.

Our Organic Search Engine Optimization Services Plans Drive Results

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Traffic Increase

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How Our Organic SEO Services Helped

Cloudficient picked our Advanced Organic SEO Package which includes 8 SEO blog posts per month.

Keyword Research – Our experts conducted thorough research on keywords to pinpoint high-potential, low-competition keywords that were not currently driving traffic to the website.

SEO Content Creation – We employed a strategic approach to create topics that were closely aligned with our keyword set. Our team of strategists utilized their Search Engine Optimization expertise to craft compelling blog posts tailored to the keyword intent, which were then optimized and published every month on the client’s blog.

Measuring and Adjusting for SEO – We closely monitored the progress and performance of each blog. Based on keyword movement, we were able to make necessary adjustments on a monthly basis to maximize results on the search engines.

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Traffic Increase

New Keywords Ranked

Keywords Ranking in Top 10

How Our Organic Search Engine Strategy Helped

XLNT Foods picked our Starter SEO Package which includes 2 SEO blog posts per month.

Keyword Research – Our team of skilled blog strategy experts conducted a thorough analysis of keywords, uncovering high-potential, low-competition options with significant monthly traffic potential but low keyword difficulty. Given the food-based nature of the client’s products, we also explored keyword clusters related to their offerings. This allowed us to target both higher-volume keyword phrases and longer-tail keywords.

Search Engine Content Creation – After finalizing the keywords, we then created blog topics that aligned with the keywords we researched previously. Our priority was to make sure that the topics matched the search intent by utilizing our expertise in Search Engine Optimization blog writing. Next, we optimized these topics into optimized blog posts, employing best SEO practices, and published them on the client’s blog every month.

Measuring and Adjusting – Our team closely monitored the progress and results of each blog article written. We paid attention to factors such as the number of targeted keywords, their relevancy to the client, and their congruency with the topic. Based on the data, we made necessary adjustments to our approach each month, allowing us to optimize the overall ranking performance. Our attention to detail in organic search engine optimization services is what sets us apart and enables us to adapt our strategy to meet the client’s evolving needs.

Expert Organic Search Engine Optimization Strategy

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Content Marketing Strategist

The quality of an SEO blog writing package is determined by the strength of the underlying content marketing strategy. When you sign up for any of our monthly organic search engine optimization services packages, you will receive a dedicated content marketing strategist who will work closely with you to understand your business, target market, competitors, and online marketing objectives. Based on this information, our SEO blogging strategist will conduct extensive keyword research, develop topics and outlines, and devise a comprehensive SEO blogging strategy aimed at driving results.

While we strive to achieve first-page rankings for every blog post we create, we understand that this may not always be feasible. To account for this, we continually monitor shifts in the organic SEO landscape and your business’s online competitive environment. As a result, your SEO blog writing strategist will make the necessary tweaks and adjustments each month to maximize performance on search engines.

Organic, Search Engine Optimized Blog Posts

Organic Search Engine Optimization Services Done Right

When it comes to organic search engine optimization plans, the implementation of a sound strategy is critical to success. Even knowing that, many Search Engine Marketing agencies and businesses struggle in this area. From targeting the wrong keywords to improper optimization techniques during the blog creation process, mistakes can prove to be costly. The selection and implementation of the right keywords are essential for getting rankings that lead to traffic, leads and sales!

At BKA Content, we bring over 13 years of experience to the table in providing top-notch organic search engine optimization services. Our comprehensive services range from researching keywords and crafting blog posts to editing and optimizing articles for improved rankings and traffic. Having served hundreds of clients over the years and measuring the outcomes of their content, we have the numbers to prove it! We always select appropriate keywords for your business and integrate them into your blog writing to deliver the best results possible.

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The Best Organic SEO Services Solution

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A Hands-Off Approach to Organic Search Engine Optimation Blog Writing

Don’t struggle to maintain your company blog on your own! We’ve heard countless stories from business owners who initially get excited about the potential of gaining organic SEO traffic through blogging, only to become overwhelmed and neglect their blog. Before they know it, months have passed without a single post, and they’re left wondering what went wrong. Don’t let this be your story! Instead, let our monthly organic search engine optimization services take the reins and drive your organic marketing efforts forward while you focus on other critical aspects of your business.

Relax and watch as your traffic and keyword rankings soar when you sign up for one of our organic search engine optimization services packages. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to the proven benefits of effective blog writing!

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For the past 13 months, I’ve been depending on BKA Content to assist me in driving traffic to my online store.

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Since we began working with BKA Content, our traffic has skyrocketed by 800%!

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SEO Director

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