Limerick Contest 2016

The results are in!

Contest Results


First Place winner was Jessica Crawford – $15 gift card

Second Place winner was Evan Gaustad – $10 gift card

Third Place winner was Linsi Peck$5 gift card


Watch a cute rendition of Jessica’s winning entry in the following video!

Entry #1

Not a thing can I write today

With the deadline vastly looming my way

I’d rather take a nap,

But my pc’s on my lap

Awaiting content without dismay.

by Candice Floyd

Entry #2

I spend all my time in my underwear

Hiding away from the sun’s brilliant glare

The hours of the day

Are spent typing away

And yet I’m an expert on roof repair

by Evan Gaustad

Entry #3

My colon burst out from a back slash,

I hit a pipe when I made a dash.

I’ll end up in a comma

To underscore this trauma.

To punctuation, I say, “Balderdash!”

by Linsi Peck

Entry #4

Writing content all day long

Choosing words that don’t sound wrong

Always time to check word counts

Deadline’s coming, tension mounts

Just one block more, you’re going strong!


All that research, time flies by

Your total word count piles high

Thursday’s coming, so behave

Please be cautious, always save

You won’t beat Bedard, though you can try!

by Jessica Crawford