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The first step to growing your online business organically is by having a thorough list of keywords you currently rank for and a list you need to be ranking for.

This is what we do for fun, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get you this free, no-strings-attached report today!

The Power of Content Marketing

Keyword Report: Armed with your keyword report, you now know what keywords you currently rank for (aka, when someone types a keyword into Google, your company shows up on the search engine results page) and which keywords you should be working on.

Keyword Insertion: Each keyword should be strategically placed into your newly written blog post multiple times and in multiple different ways.

Search Engine Results: Every day there are over 5.6B searches worldwide. You need to be competitive to be on the first page. Don’t worry, we can help.

Results and Optimization: The best way to increase traffic, leads and sales is to create keyword-rich content and post consistently. Doing this connects you to your customers via Google.










Content That Can Grow Your Online Business

Here at BKA Content, we have been writing high-quality content for over a decade. So we know a thing or two about writing content that can really maximize results.

Creating content that really drives results is a time intensive endeavor! You have to come up with the SEO strategy, do the keyword research, come up with topics and then actually write the content.

Through our proven method of our month-to-month blog writing service, we can take your business to the next level. Setup a time today to chat with a content specialist.

A Hands-Off Approach

We have over 500 US-based writers that have been hand-selected to work with BKA Content. No matter your industry, we have writers that have experience writing for your business.

If Google is the door to more business, content is the key. Do your business a favor and let Google and the rest of the world know that you and your company are true experts on your product and or service.

Monthly Plans Starting at $195

We have plans for every size of company. Choose your plan here.

Choose From Standard or Pro Level Blogs

Is your company fairly straightforward or more technical in nature? Choose the option that best fits your business.

Add a Social Post to Every Blog

For just a few  extra dollars per blog post, our team will create social posts you can post to create additional awareness and engagement from your audience.

Consistency is Key

Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

A Formula For Success

It’s critical your keywords are used correctly in your content so your website has a better chance of being found, indexed and ranked.

That is why we have a proven system for success.

1. Keyword Hierarchy

We know how to identify your primary, secondary and additional keywords and how many of each should be used so your content appears authentic and not spammy

2. Keyword Count

Based on the length of the content would determine the number of keywords you should be focusing on. It’s typically 3-8 keywords total.  This breaks down into 1 primary keyword, 1-3 secondary keywords and 1-4 additional keywords. 

2. Keyword Placement

Just like a puzzle needs each piece to complete a picture, a blog needs keywords strategically placed so Google can clearly see the main points of the article and how best to help you rank. Our experts can show you where in your meta descriptions, title tags, and headings the keywords need to go. Other places keywords can be strategically placed: 

  • Last 200 Words
  • Anchor Text Links
  • Image Alt-tags
  • Main Page URL

3. Specialized Writing Team

Keywords are great, but if the blog is missing components like being informative, relevant, and lacks consistent flow, it still may not perform well. This is where a well-trained writer comes in handy and we’ve got plenty of those! 

Is there more to it that just this? Of course! But we can’t spill all our secrets! You’ll just have to chat with us to find out we are the real deal.

“BKA Content worked closely with our marketing team to come up with content that really helped our content stand out. We were surprised by the quality and attention to detail in every post. They have provided us more exposure and significantly improved our SEO.”

Lauren Schneider

Revival Jewelry

“After posting the first articles, we experienced immediate SEO gains and have seen consistent upward growth every month. These gains have resulted in significant organic traffic improvements resulting in additional revenue to our bottom line.”

Taylor Stauss

Owner, Whole Home Scenting

“Since using BKA, we’ve been identified as more of an expert in our field based on the articles and content developed. We have seen traffic lifts and higher rankings for targeted keywords that we’re running paid ad campaigns on. We know the blog articles are helping us to push higher within the searches.”

Tyler Mose

Owner, E3M Creative

“I firmly believe that my clients are more comfortable working with me because I publish free and helpful content for small businesses. Furthermore, the content being beneficial for the reader is perhaps my most important goal with content creation; I want to earn the client’s trust and grow alongside their business.”

Manuel Mattz Financial


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