At BKA Content, we’re experts at creating content you can trust. We’re like the leafy green veggies of healthcare articles. Our high-quality healthcare content writing offers tons of benefits and no downsides.

An attractive website is essential for any healthcare business — even a small private practice with local patients. People form an opinion of you based on what they see online. When you have the best healthcare content, you impress clients, protect your reputation and help your business grow.

Why hire our healthcare content writers? In a word, expertise. Healthcare writing is tricky because you have to explain complicated topics in a way that everyday clients understand, trust and love. That’s exactly what we do best.

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Expert healthcare writing is good for your business’s heart. Keep your website healthy, flexible and attractive with exciting content.

A Great Reputation Online

Your current clients know how amazing you are, but what about people who haven’t heard of your business before? When you have high-quality copy on your website, you show your industry expertise and core values. Our expert healthcare content writing makes an incredible first impression.

Better Search Rankings

To reach potential customers, your business needs to stand out in search results. When local residents check Google for the best doctors or dentists, your name should be at the top. With a freelance healthcare writer, you get trustworthy articles and strategic keywords that help you rank higher. You don’t have to lift a finger; we’re search engine optimization pros.

Stronger Customer Relationships

To have a healthy business, you need a strong relationship with your clients. Happy patients may become lifelong customers. By creating authoritative content that readers love, our healthcare content writers build trust. Your website becomes the place patients go when they have questions and need reliable information.

Website Traffic and Leads

Remember the song about thigh bones connecting to hip bones? Our professional healthcare content writing is like that, supporting many vital areas for business success, including search results, leads, customer satisfaction and sales. Better SEO delivers more traffic and leads. Valuable leads boost your revenue. Satisfied customers promote your business, providing even more leads and sales!

As a healthcare professional, you know that choosing experts is the wise choice. We’ve been writing respected healthcare content for over a decade.


Types of Healthcare Content Writing Services We Provide

Healthcare Articles

SEO Healthcare Content

Healthcare Blog Writing

Healthcare Landing Pages

Healthcare Social Media Posts

Healthcare eBooks

Healthcare Video Scripts

Healthcare Product Descriptions

Custom Healthcare Content

You’re in the best hands with our expert healthcare content writers. Great website content is like an antibiotic: time-tested and effective.

Why Hire BKA Content for Your Healthcare Copywriting Needs?

Expert Healthcare Content Writing

Our incredible healthcare writers combine a passion for healthcare topics with longtime industry expertise. Our team creates original content that your clients will love, from family-friendly health guides to articles on the latest medical breakthroughs. We have hundreds of healthcare content writers, so we can take on the largest projects without problems.

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Complete Search Engine Optimization Services

Our team has extensive experience in healthcare writing. We’re also SEO experts. Every piece of content we create for you follows the best SEO techniques. This helps your website rank higher in web searches. More visibility = more customers.

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A Personal Account Manager

Your time is precious, so we go out of our way to make ordering website content effortless. Our managed services for healthcare content writing include a dedicated account manager who coordinates your project by setting objectives, planning content, selecting writers and making sure you’re thrilled with the finished results

Over 12 Years of Experience

At BKA Content, we have been crafting different types of healthcare content since 2009. We have an excellent reputation for delivering accurate content you can count on. We represent your business correctly, whether you want friendly health blogs for parents or formal healthcare writing for B2B services.

Amazing Customer Service

We have a great bedside manner. When it’s time to start a project, our healthcare content writers are all business. However, we’re a lot of fun behind the scenes. We treat you like you’re part of the BKA family, going above and beyond to make you smile. Just ask other customers about our magic tricks and juggling skills.

Healthcare Content Your Clients Can Trust

We believe in quality over quantity and accuracy over speed. Our healthcare content writers put a lot of time and research into every piece. We create blogs, web pages, guides and articles of the highest quality. You could say that our content is full of fresh, nutritious ingredients — no junk food.


Customizable Healthcare Content Options

Your business is unique, so it makes sense to choose content that adapts to your needs. We make it easy to customize your healthcare writing, including content type, tone, style and other project guidelines. We also offer various options for purchasing content: monthly blog services, managed content services and self-service via our content shop.

Healthcare Blog Writing That Actually

Gets Results

When you partner with SEO experts, you become an industry authority. Our healthcare content writing enhances your reputation and helps new clients trust you.

  • Interesting topics that your audience cares about
  • Careful research, high-quality writing and respected sources
  • Engaging titles that grab attention and get clicks
  • Complete suite of SEO features, including meta titles, page descriptions and H1/H2 tags
  • Strategic keywords to maximize search ranking
  • Professional articles with mobile-optimized formatting, headings and FAQs
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fitness content writers

We’re experts at writing about healthcare topics for any audience:

  • Nutrition, exercise and healthy living
  • Diseases, symptoms and treatment options
  • HIPAA compliance and telemedicine
  • Advanced care directives and legal topics
  • Business-oriented healthcare topics (e.g., financing, working capital and payroll)
  • Parenting and childcare
  • Physical, mental and emotional well-being
  • Aging and end-of-life care

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Sounds Great, But I Have Some Questions…

How do I order a healthcare content?

At BKA Content, we understand that healthcare providers have a wide variety of clients and content needs. So, we offer a range of options to match your company’s goals.

Option 1 — Monthly Blog Services: If you own a private practice or small healthcare business, signing up for our monthly blog services is the perfect solution for your content needs. This option delivers engaging, high-quality healthcare articles every month. We take care of everything: content strategy, SEO, research and writing.

Option 2 — Managed Content Services: If you manage a larger healthcare business or marketing agency, you probably require many types of web pages. Our managed services provide custom packages for businesses that need a large volume of content, from landing pages and social media posts to whitepapers and blogs.

Option 3 — Self-Service: If you’re a first-time customer, and you’re not sure about monthly blog services yet, we invite you to visit our user-friendly content shop. Select the type of content you want, and our healthcare team will start writing immediately. This option works well for small website projects, too.

No matter which option meets your needs the best, we’re always ready to help. If you have a question, just fill out our contact form, and we’ll respond in less than 24 hours.

Are your freelance healthcare writers doctors? How does your team create accurate content?

Some physicians have talent in writing and pursue a journalistic career, but this is the exception, not the rule. Doctors are experts in medicine and professional writers excel in creating content.

At BKA Content, we have a diverse team of healthcare content writers who have been delivering industry-respected work for more than a decade. During this time, we’ve created expert content for doctors, surgeons, hospitals, nursing homes, medical device manufacturers and countless other healthcare businesses.

The key to accurate healthcare content lies in careful research. Depending on the project’s complexity, our team may source from many articles, health organizations, up-to-date studies and medical journals.

How much does your healthcare content writing cost?

We have pricing options that fit the needs of small businesses as well as international brands. Find the option that’s right for you:

Monthly Blog Services: Our complete blog services range from $195 to $1,269 a month. We adapt to the number of blogs you prefer, your desired content length and your project requirements. Tell us what you need, and we’ll prepare a package that fits right away.

Managed Services: Our managed content services are available for clients who need $1,500 to $3,000 a month in content or more. Your dedicated account manager can give you all of the pricing details.

Self-Service Content: To make it easier for you to buy custom healthcare content, we offer pricing per word in our content shop. Depending on the length and type of content, healthcare articles cost between 7.5 cents to 15.5 cents per word.

What is the process of ordering healthcare content like?

If this is your first time ordering content, don’t worry. You’ll love it. Our team takes great care of you.

First, we learn about your content goals. This helps us get a good feel for your needs. Next, we give you exact pricing and walk you through the ordering process.

Order delivery is up to you. For articles through our content shop, we deliver shiny new healthcare content directly to your inbox in 7-10 business days. For monthly blog services, we meet your preferred deadlines: weekly, biweekly or monthly.

With our managed services, we personalize every aspect of your content orders. This includes assembling a dedicated team of healthcare writers, hammering out your content goals and creating order delivery points for your project.

How do you choose your healthcare content writers?

We may be a fun-loving family business, but we take content quality very seriously. We have high standards for our writers, and we’re especially strict when it comes to healthcare writing.

We choose the best writers for our healthcare teams, carefully evaluating writing quality, skill, professional background and research abilities. Our freelance healthcare writers also undergo a rigorous training process.

We select writers who can comprehend complex topics, cite up-to-date sources and create accurate content that is easy for the average reader to understand. We also look for the human touch, such as a compassionate style for writing about end-of-life care options.

Does my business own the finished healthcare content you create?

You own all of the finished content we create for you. You’re free to use it whenever and however you want. Post your healthcare blogs at your convenience, turn them into social media posts or enhance your website in other ways.


What is your stance on plagiarism?

You can trust our content. We have zero tolerance for plagiarism. Our healthcare writers create well-researched, original content. We require work of the highest quality.

Can I select healthcare writers for my content?

One of our main goals is to make life easier for your business. When you let our professionals handle content creation, you have more time and energy for your business.

We will put together an amazing healthcare writing team that meets your project goals. We know our writers’ strengths and styles better than anyone. You can expect incredible content that makes you proud.

What makes your team a good fit for my healthcare content?

At BKA Content, we’re experts in SEO and content writing. Effective healthcare content is both art and science. In addition to creating amazing articles, we also help your business stand out online. To produce the best content, our team stays updated with advancements in search algorithms.

Our track record speaks for itself. Our team has been creating excellent healthcare content for over 12 years. We deliver results. Over the years, we’ve learned exactly what Google looks at and what users search for in healthcare content.

Quality is key. Healthcare articles that have real value — helpful, clear and accurate information — always stand out above the rest.

Can you give me some examples of healthcare content your team has written?

In a nutshell, we’ve written content for every corner of the healthcare industry, from optometrists to psychiatric care clinics. Our team can write for professionals, everyday readers, families, seniors, patients and caregivers.

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