When was the last time you had a vacation from your content problems? It’s time for some well-deserved relaxation. Our professional health and wellness content writers have you covered. Close your eyes and leave your website in our soothing, expert hands, and feel your stress just disappear.

High-quality content is vital for a healthy business. You need a website to attract online customers, and that website needs fresh content. Our expert wellness content is as irresistible as the warm and fuzzy feeling from dark chocolate.

We’re the luxurious island getaway of content writing. Just kick back, grab a pina colada and let us do our thing. Our legendary digital content pros will make you smile.

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Keep your website healthy with content that’s nutritious and delicious. We’re the digital matcha-mango smoothie, baby.

More Traffic and Clicks

Just like good exercise habits, investing in SEO content has a domino effect. Expert health and wellness content writer > authoritative blog articles and guides > better search rankings > more visitors to your website > new customers > increased sales and revenue.

The Best Reputation

Impress your customers with trustworthy health articles, smart wellness tips and helpful guides. Our health and wellness content writers use a friendly voice and accurate information to highlight your company’s expertise.


Great Ratings and Reviews

People recommend brands they trust to friends, family members and others. What is the secret to getting five-star reviews? Clients who are in love with your content. Our wellness writers are experts at creating unforgettable articles with shareable tips for social media.

The Right Customers

Search engine optimization helps you reach more people online. Our health and wellness writers use SEO to connect you with the right audience. Helpful content attracts people who are searching for answers, solutions and products — the ideal customers for your company.

We’re that friendly family doctor you call at 2 a.m. You can trust our 12+ years of experience, great reputation and high-quality writing.


Types of Health and Wellness Content Writing Services We Provide

Health and Wellness Blogs

SEO Health and Wellness Content

Health and Wellness Tips, FAQs, Guides

Health and Wellness Landing Pages

Health and Wellness Social Media Posts

Health and Wellness eBooks

Health and Wellness Video Scripts

Health and Wellness Product Descriptions

Custom Wellness Content

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Why Hire BKA Content for Your Health and Wellness Needs?

Professional Health and Wellness Content Writers

We have a diverse team of health and wellness freelance writers from around the United States. Members of our team have extensive experience in a wide range of health topics. Expert content makes a night and day difference.

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Website Content That Works

We know how to create content that delivers results for web searches. Incredible web pages, product descriptions and blog articles grab the attention of visitors and search engines. Our wellness writers add in crucial SEO ingredients and voilà — more traffic for your website!

freelance fitness writer

One-on-One Support From an Account Manager

We aim to provide the best possible experience for our clients. Our friendly, hard-working managers go the extra mile to make you happy. Our managed services include a dedicated account manager who coordinates your strategy and personally oversees the health and wellness writers on your team.

Extensive Experience With the Healthcare Industry

At BKA, we’ve been crafting health-focused content for more than a decade, and our team’s combined years of experience as health writers goes far beyond the basics. Over the years, we’ve partnered with doctors, dentists, spas, supplement manufacturers, healthcare marketers and many other businesses connected to wellness.

Legendary Customer Service

We treat our clients like family. Phone calls with our managers often include a good laugh. Seriously, we’re happy to help if you need to talk over coffee. We may have a large team of health and wellness writers, but we’re a small business at heart.

Accuracy and Quality Every Time

Your clients look to you for answers they can trust. For our health and wellness content writers, accuracy is everything. From in-depth articles on complex medical topics to friendly blogs for casual readers, we create up-to-date and trustworthy content. There’s no filler here.


Flexible Content Solutions for Businesses of Any Size

We’re proud to support wellness businesses, from SoCal coffee shops to international brands. Sometimes our monthly blog services are the best fit. Other times, you just need a health writer ASAP for a quick project. If you need $1,500-$3,000 in content each month, you automatically qualify for our managed services packages.

Health and Wellness Blog Writing That Actually

Gets Results

Website stressing you out? Take two and call us in the morning.

Our expert health content writing helps with everything: your reputation, your web traffic and your customers.

  • Interesting topics that are relevant to your customers
  • Catchy titles that grab attention in search results
  • Well-researched content that readers trust and Google loves
  • High-value keywords carefully placed for maximum SEO benefits
  • Complete SEO options, including meta-tags and page descriptions
  • Sleek-looking articles with bullets, H1 tags and H2 headings
  • Support for social media posts, blog images and more
health and fitness copywriter
fitness content writers

Revitalize Your Brand With Expert Health and Wellness Content About:

  • Nutrition, supplements and healthy foods
  • Exercise and outdoor activities
  • Relaxation and mindfulness
  • Mental, emotional and physical health
  • Sleep quality
  • Skincare and beauty
  • Family activities and parenting
  • Seniors and healthy aging

Ready To See a Health and Wellness Blog Post?

Sounds Great, But I Have Some Questions…

How do our health and wellness content services work?

We always create amazing content. You can choose between three types of service for your needs.

Option #1 — Monthly Blog Services: This option is an amazing fit for small business owners. Our health and wellness writers deliver high-quality blogs every month, giving your website a steady stream of incredible articles. We handle the heavy lifting — including planning and SEO — and you enjoy the “healthy” boost of traffic and search benefits.

Option #2 — Managed Services: E-commerce health businesses, large wellness brands, product manufacturers and ad agencies often need a wide range of health content. Our team can take on projects of any size: health and wellness blogs, eBooks, video transcripts and other digital content. Our managed services are available for brands that need $1,500-$3,000 per month or more on content.

Option #3 — Self-Service: You can also order web pages, product guides, articles, social media posts and other types of content directly from our online content shop. This custom option is great for getting your feet wet with content marketing. If you have a one-time project for your website, our high-quality content is a perfect fit.

How can wellness writers create trustworthy content without being doctors?

First of all, our results speak for themselves. Our clients in the health and wellness industry have been consistently thrilled with the quality of our content. We have partnered with private practices, national marketing agencies and Fortune 500 companies over the years.

At BKA, we’ve been crafting articles on health topics since 2009. You may have even read some of our phenomenal content online without realizing it! Our team has writers from many backgrounds, including health and wellness businesses.

The secret to creating high-quality articles about health and wellness is careful research. Our writers take the time to consult respected sources, perform painstaking research and keep up with new studies. Our editing team demands accuracy, too.

How much do your health and wellness writers charge?

We give you consistent pricing whether your project requires a single health and wellness writer or a complete team. The total cost depends on your ordering preferences:

Monthly Blog Services: We have a wide range of blog packages. Monthly costs range from about $195 to $1,270 depending on how many blogs you need. Get detailed pricing info right here.

Self-Service Content: To make ordering as simple as possible, we charge a flat price per word for self-service options, from 7.5 cents to 15.5 cents a word. The price depends on your custom order requirements and the complexity of health and wellness content. Check out our content shop for more information.

Managed Services: We can create personalized managed-service packages that cover all of your needs. This option is available for businesses that spend at least $1,500-$3K every month on content.

How long does it take for health and wellness writers to complete high-quality articles?

The amount of time required to create fantastic health and wellness content varies by topic, word count, project size and brand preferences. We always put quality over quantity, but we’re punctual, too. When you order via our content shop, we deliver your order within seven to 10 business days.

For monthly blog services, one of our friendly managers can coordinate content delivery dates that meet your needs. We’re happy to adapt to weekly or monthly deliveries.

For managed services, we tailor content deadlines even more. You get your own health and wellness writing team. We can stagger deliveries or take care of bulk orders ASAP. You decide. We deliver.

Who are your health and wellness content writers? What are their credentials?

We expect high-quality work from all of our writing professionals, but we’re especially strict when it comes to health and wellness topics. We carefully choose health writers based on their industry experience, research abilities and writing quality.

Health and wellness freelance writers also have to meet strict professional standards — and continue passing ongoing quality checks — to work with us. Every member of our team goes through rigorous training. You expect the best, and so do we.

At the same time, we have close-knit teams. After all, passion and style make a huge difference in engaging content. Our wellness content teams feature writers who love healthy living, including parents, fitness enthusiasts, social media stars and caregivers.

Who owns the rights to my finished health and wellness content?

You own all health and wellness content you order. Use it any way you want, from product labels to social media posts. Do you run an ad agency? Feel free to claim the credit when your clients love our content.


Do I have to worry about plagiarism?

Our teams follow a Zero Tolerance for Plagiarism policy. We don’t accept plagiarized work or writers that use it. That also means no AI. Our health and wellness writers create original, homemade content every time.

Can I choose the health and wellness writers for my team?

One of the things our customers love is that we handle everything, including team management. You maximize productivity that way. Our expert managers handpick writers for health and wellness teams, selecting the best for the project guidelines and your brand’s voice.

That said, we want to make you happy. If you fall in love with the style of a certain writer, we try our best to keep that person on your project.

How does your health and wellness content make my business stand out from competitors?

Thanks to 12-plus years of writing for the health and wellness industry, we’re experts at getting results. We can elevate your brand online in several ways: strategy, expertise, SEO, consistency and quality. The difference is like calling a doctor versus asking your neighbor for health tips.

Our well-researched, accurate content impresses people and gets better traffic from search engines. We design wellness articles specifically for your target audience. When you regularly post interesting blogs and trustworthy content, Google ranks your website higher.

There’s just no substitute for expertise. We follow SEO best practices at every step. We keep up with changes to Google search. Put simply, we deliver results.

What type of health and wellness content have you written before?

Our health and wellness writers have covered a huge range of topics and project types: how-to fitness guides, wellness tips, landing pages, health blogs, Amazon product descriptions and content for mobile devices.

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