Here are some common questions about BKA Content.


Getting Started

Do you write more types of content than what is listed in your content shop?

Yes! If it’s text, and it needs to be online in some form, chances are we can absolutely do it! We write custom content for several clients for other purposes not listed on our content shop. If you have a custom content need, contact us.

Is there a minimum spend or retainer required?

Nope! Nobody likes having to buy more credits than you need to use something. Here at BKA Content, you can order as much or as little as you like, when you need it. This makes trying out our writing services incredibly simple.

Is the content SEO optimized?

Yes. If keywords are provided, our writers will use them naturally within the content in order to give the content optimal SEO value.

Do you do keyword research?

No. We leave this process up to you as our experience has shown that most people who order content already have their keywords researched beforehand. If you need help with keyword research, we have partnered with SEMrush to provide you a deep discount on their services.

Do you resell the content?

No. We do not retain any rights to the content you order, nor do we resell/repost it to anyone else. Your content is your content, no-one else’s!

Do I own the content once it's delivered to me?

Yes! Once the content is delivered, you own all of the rights to that content.

Are there any topics you won't write about?

Yes. While we cover a range of different subjects, industries, and products, we DO NOT write content about adult content, sex, or violence. If we find an issue with any of the keywords or topics that you have chosen, we will kindly ask you to find other keywords that fit within our guidelines. If that doesn’t work, we will happily offer you a full refund of your purchase.

Our Writers

Who writes for BKA Content?

We only employ U.S writers who have been trained and screened for grammar, spelling and writing ability. We pride ourselves on our unique and stringent vetting process to ensure that we hand-pick high-quality writers to work on your content.

Do I speak to writers directly?

No. Instead of making it your responsibility to speak to writers individually about your writing projects, we provide an account manager to give you one point of contact for all of your project needs. This saves you both time and money, as well as speeds up the entire process of getting your projects done. If you have a special circumstance, please address it with your account manager.

Are your authors considered "Ghostwriters?"

Yes. This allows you to have full ownership of the content you receive and use it in any way that you see fit.


How long does it take to get my content back?

Turn times vary based on current workloads. Typical turn times are between 7-10 business days on orders of less than 25 pieces of content. If you have more than 25 pieces, contact us for a turn time estimate.

How is my content delivered to me?

Your content will be delivered via e-mail when completed.

Do you publish the content?

No. We send you the content to publish yourself in any way that you see fit.


How do revisions work?

With a 99.84% approval rating, our goal is to get things right the first time. If there are multiple spelling/grammar errors, or the article content is completely off-base from your initial instructions, we will be happy to revise and send you back a fixed version. We are, however, not responsible for poor/missing instructions or unrealistic expectations. In the event that this happens, you will be asked to order again with better instructions. To be safe, always offer enough guidance in your article orders to give the writer a good idea of what you are looking for.

Is there a time limit in which I can ask for revisions?

Yes. BKA Content has a 7 day (168 hour) auto-acceptance policy. If the deliverable is not acceptable because it does not meet your expectations, you will inform us within 7 days of delivery (168 hours). If you do not notify us within 168 hours of delivery regarding an issue with your content, the articles will be automatically deemed “acceptable”. There are no refunds available for accepted articles. If you notify us within 168 hours of delivery about an issue with your content, you agree to allow us at least 1 opportunity to correct or revise the deliverable as soon as possible at no additional cost to you as long as the reasons for a revision are warranted via our revision policy.

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