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Looking for affordable content marketing SEO services that drive results? Our content marketing packages utilize the best of SEO blogging to elevate keyword rankings, drive more traffic, and generate sales!

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“BKA Content’s content marketing packages are totally killing it! Of the 8900 keywords we rank for, 7400 of them are from the SEO blogging they’ve done for us.”

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Janet. L
CloudAgency, Inc.

Our Content Marketing Packages Drive Results

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How Our SEO Content Services Helped

Cloudficient picked our Advanced Content Marketing Package which includes 8 SEO blog posts per month.

Keyword Research – Our content marketing consultants conducted thorough research on keywords to identify low-competition, high-volume keywords that were not currently ranking on their website.

SEO Content Creation – We researched and created SEO-friendly topics that aligned with our opportunity keywords. Our content marketing team utilized their SEO expertise to craft high-quality blog posts tailored to the keyword intent, which were then optimized for keywords. Lastly, our content marketers published those blogs every month onto the client’s blog, factoring in HTML formatting, alt-text and meta tags.

Tracking the Results – Over the following months, we kept track of every blog post to see trends in ranking (including # of keywords ranked for and positioning). From there our content marketing experts made necessary adjustments on a monthly basis to maximize the results of the content marketing campaign.

SEO Content Services


Traffic Increase

New Keywords Ranked

Keywords Ranking in Top 10

How Our Content Marketing Plans Helped

XLNT Foods picked our Starter Content Marketing Package which includes 2 SEO blog posts per month.

Keyword Research – After thorough SEO content analysis, our team of content marketing experts identified keywords specific to their niche that were winnable right away. Given the food-based nature of the client’s products, we also explored keyword families in a categorical fashion, allowing us to answer frequently asked questions about meals and products closely related to the client’s offerings.

SEO Content Creation – With keywords in place, we then created blog topics that mimicked currently ranking blogs, while ensuring originality. From there, we crafted the content for the campaign using keyword and SEO best practices, utilizing headings, alt-text in images, first and last paragraph, etc. We varied the word counts per blog to find what would work best for this particular client going forward to help save on costs and narrow in on what would work best in this niche.

Ongoing SEO Content Analysis – Our SEO content marketers tracked the blogs month to month, making changes as necessary. We adjusted word counts, tracked # of keywords per blog, and followed if blogs were ranking for the intended keywords or not. For any that ranked for unintended keyword families, we were able to reoptimized that content for the ranking keywords to maximize the content marketing investment.

Expert SEO Content Marketing Analysis

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Content Marketing Strategist

The quality of a content marketing package is usually reliant on the initial strategy employed. When you sign up for any of our monthly content marketing SEO services, you’ll get a dedicated content marketing strategist. This SEO content expert will try to understand your business, identify your target market, look at opportunity based on your competitors, and consider your online marketing goals. You can rest assured that your content strategist will research opportunity keywords, create great topics and create SEO content that will lead to traffic, leads and sales.

Here at BKA Content we look at every blog post as an asset. Your content marketing plan is intended to try and get as many blog posts ranking as possible. While not all will rank, we continually track changes in content marketing trends to maximize your ability to rank for nearly EVERY post. To give some context, most websites that blog on their own rank for under 10% of their blog posts, and of those, very few rank for keywords that actually bring in traffic. Our SEO content marketing services success rate is 7x the average when it comes to getting blogs to rank, with nearly every ranking blog showing keywords in the top 20 spots!

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SEO Content Marketing Services Done Right

Many content marketing SEO plans utilize content to help rank for keywords, but very few do the way we do. Instead of throwing content at the wall over and over again, hoping something will stick, we take a very strategic approach to content marketing. We believe true content marketing success starts with heavily-researched keywords and great SEO blog topics. From there it continues to powerful outlines and then to the creation and proper optimization of the content.

We’ve monitored millions of words, written hundreds of thousands of blogs, and worked closely with hundreds of digital marketing agencies over the last 10+ years. When it comes to creating SEO content that ranks, we KNOW what works. Our SEO content marketing services utilize all of that combined experience to get our clients real results. Not only that, because we are the source of content creation in the first place, we can provide the service at a much cheaper cost than your previous SEO/content marketing company. Get real content marketing results at a price point your business can afford.

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The Best SEO Content Marketing Solution

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A Hands-Off Approach to SEO Content Marketing

Stop trying to maintain your company blog all on your own! Let the content marketing experts at BKA Content turn your blog into a driver of traffic instead of just a burden on your time. SEO blog writing is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to infuse your website with new keywords. So why don’t more business owners utilize it? The problem is that it requires strategy, bandwidth and consistent attention that not all small business owners can spare.

Let our monthly content marketing plans take care of your organic blogging strategy so you can focus on other important aspects of your business. We can complete the monthly content marketing cycle of research, ideation, content creation and posting without you ever having to lift a finger. Oh and did we mention we also do social media management and backlinking, too? 😉 Ask us what else we can do to extend your SEO content marketing bandwidth!


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