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Whole home scenting

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Most people get frustrated going from room to room managing candles, plug-ins, and wax melts. The Whole Home Scenting diffusers ensure you have complete control over your entire home’s smell from just one device, so when people come into your home, they wonder how in the world you made it happen.

Whether you’re trying to eliminate pet odor or an older house smell, or you just want house-wide aromatherapy, Whole Home Scenting is here to ensure your home smells great with their HVAC air freshener, HVAC scent system, and air conditioner air freshener.


As with most small companies, team members must wear many hats and juggle many moving parts and deadlines. Allocating resources to consistently write good quality content and research the SEO aspects needed to get the most out of that content is difficult (i.e., keyword research, title tags, meta descriptions, and social media posts).

“Internally writing the content is challenging to keep on schedule, and figuring out what to write about isn’t always easy. Having our current team focus on writing content takes them away from more immediate tasks that need attention. The only other option is to hire internal writers, which could work but is expensive, and we’d need to find the right talent.”

– Taylor Stauss, Owner, Whole Home Scenting


Small Team Size


Takes Away From Urgent / Immediate Tasks

Difficult To Keep on Schedule

“After posting the first articles, we experienced immediate SEO gains and have seen consistent upward growth every month (we’ve gained many top 3 positions in Google). These gains have resulted in significant organic traffic improvements resulting in additional revenue to our bottom line.”

– Taylor Stauss, Owner of Whole Home Scenting


With our monthly SEO blog writing subscription plan, we provide an account manager who ensures the content is in line with client goals. We helped Whole Home Scenting with keyword research and content strategy (including topics to write about), so their budget has the most impact.

“The writing is consistent in voice and tone, which is a great bonus. We don’t have to worry about editing changes for things like grammar or spelling. We also don’t need to worry about optimizing content (title tags and meta descriptions). They send over the articles in bulk each month so we can schedule the content out instead of worrying about deadlines.”

– Taylor Stauss, Owner, Whole Home Scenting


Dedicated Account Managers

Automated Blog Subscription


Keyword Research and Content Strategy

High-Quality Content


“The increase in organic traffic has also allowed us to implement other strategies on our website (i.e., lead capture). It’s fantastic not having to worry about managing our content. We don’t have to worry about staying consistent and timely with content creation. Outside of occasional strategy conversations with the team, it’s a very hands-off experience that lets us focus on growing our business.”

– Taylor Stauss, Owner, Whole Home Scenting

Immediate SEO Gains

Spike in Organic Traffic

Increased Revenue

Worry-Free Process