Austin, TX

Case Study 01
Revival jewelry

Ecommerce, B2C

Lauren Schneider

Marketing & Design Manager


Revival Jewelry is a custom jewelry company that uses proprietary technology to store personalized images in beautiful jewelry pieces. View your stored images by holding the jewelry an inch away from your eye to peek through the gem.

Revival Jewelry was founded with a desire to see if a business could be successful by caring about people and not just profits.

When customers show off their products, it enables them to not only talk about the jewelry but also share the stories behind the photos contained in them. Revival strives to help commemorate your most cherished memories.



Before Revival Jewelry signed up for a monthly SEO blog writing subscription from BKA Content, one of their challenges was finding time to create consistent, detailed content for their blog.

There are many tasks that a marketing manager must tend to, and time is limited. Revival concluded that they needed to find an external source to provide regular content.

“Our company decided to look into our options and found that BKA Content had the potential to create the quality content we were seeking. We needed a company that would give us content in an easy-to-use format that would help educate our customers and showcase the benefits of our product.”

– Lauren Schneider, Marketing/Design Manager, Revival Jewelry


Lacked Time


Struggled With Consistency


Needed To Better Educate Customers on Products

“BKA has provided more exposure for our company by improving SEO and helping to educate our customers on our products. We now have peace of mind knowing that our content will be created in a professional, creative manner and in a timely fashion.”

– Lauren Schneider, Revival Jewelry



We started working with Revival Jewelry’s marketing team to develop content that would make their products stand out.

“Our company was impressed with the quality of the posts as well as the attention to detail in each post. It was evident that the writers of our blog posts educated themselves fully on our products and company. They were able to incorporate the heart and mission of who we are and what we do into every post. If an edit was ever desired, the writers were eager to adapt the blog post to suit our needs. BKA was also helpful in inspiring ideas for captions when it came to social media.

“Lastly, BKA has offered us new ideas to market our brand through the creative stories and descriptions written about our products.”

– Lauren Schneider, Revival Jewelry


Worked Closely With Team


Established a Plan


Created High-Quality Blog Posts

Developed New and Creative Marketing Ideas


Through our SEO blog writing subscription service, we provided Revival Jewelry more exposure and improved SEO.

With the time saved, they have been able to focus on additional aspects of the business.

“BKA always presents our finished content at the start of each month. This allows us to post our blogs at the same time every month, which gives our readers something to look forward to. We are always excited to read the new blog posts and to see the results of increased traffic after posting.”

– Lauren Schneider, Revival Jewelry

Improved SEO

Educated Customers


Optimized Time


Found Peace of Mind

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