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Manuel Mattz Financial

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Manuel Mattz Financial



Manuel Mattz Financial is a team passionate about helping individuals and businesses with their bookkeeping and finances.

Manuel Mattz is a Bill & Melinda Gates Scholar Alumni and a Wi’aasal (Great Oak) Future Leaders Scholar Alumni who currently runs his own accounting firm.


“The most significant barrier to developing relevant and useful content for my small business is time. Because of my busy schedule, there is not enough time for me to do everything in the business. Thus, I decided to outsource my business’s content creation needs to BKA Content.”

– Manuel Mattz, Owner

Lack of Time

Small Business Owner

“I’m starting to get many of my articles shared from friends and professional networks. It’s great to see the exposure and the increase in my brand awareness. I have received several private messages about my services, and one of the messengers mentioned how they read my accounting content.”

– Manuel Mattz, Owner


When you outsource a crucial component of your marketing efforts to another company, you want to ensure that the company is competent and trustworthy.

“I can confidently say after six months I truly trust BKA Content to handle my blogs. I believe the thing that most secured my fantastic opinion of BKA Content: a month ago, I hired an extraordinary marketing researcher to create two buyer personas for my target market.

“BKA Content was more than happy to incorporate those buyer personas into their writing and closely consider them when developing keywords for SEO. With that in mind, I intend to collaborate with them in the long run.”

– Manuel Mattz, Owner


HIgh-Quality Content


Keyword Strategy

Buyer Persona-Focused Content


Once blogs started coming in, Manuel noticed he did not have to worry and stress about pushing out frequent content. BKA Content handled that for him.

“I firmly believe that my clients are more comfortable working with me because I publish free and helpful content for small businesses. Furthermore, my readers get what is perhaps my most important goal with content creation: I want to earn the client’s trust and grow alongside their business.

“BKA Content has helped me reach a good position with this goal.

– Manuel Mattz, Owner

World-Class Content

Frequent Blogs

User-Shared Content

Increased Credibility

Business Growth