Chicago, IL

Case Study 03
E3M Creative

Visual Design Agency


E3M is a dynamic team of video production, marketing and branding experts committed to a fun and straightforward process.

They strive to create each video to be as unique as the client themselves. By collectively hustling to make each video their best work, they can set – and surpass – a new standard for the industry.


“Creating content was just another task we had to complete. We didn’t have someone experienced enough to handle the content creation of our blog. We needed to bring in a professional that could not only come up with and research topics, but who could actually put the content together.”

– Tyler Mose, Founder and CEO, E3M



Lacked Expertise

Struggled with Bandwidth

Needed New Ideas for Content

 “Every month the four blog posts we get from BKA really help us to rank higher and higher organically.”

– Tyler Mose, CEO and Founder, E3M


In our initial kickoff call with E3M, we discussed all areas of clientele, production, and locations. We also reviewed specific keywords per market. A few weeks later, we delivered the blogs so they could be uploaded.

“This has helped us with SEM and SEO substantially. Our goal is to rank higher organically. I highly recommend BKA and their team. All the work they’ve done has pushed us higher in organic search rankings.”

– Tyler Mose, Founder and CEO, E3M

Easy To Get Started

Market and Keyword Research


Top-Notch Content Delivered Quickly


“We’ve seen a lot more social content creation that we’ve been able to use on our online channels. We’ve been identified as more of an expert in our field based on the articles and content developed.

“It has been an awesome addition to our web presence and our organic search efforts. We have seen traffic lifts and higher rankings for targeted keywords that we’re running paid ad campaigns on. We know the blog articles are helping us to push higher within the searches.

“We look forward to using BKA for a long time into the future. Those who are considering this take the first meeting and let them lay out their thoughts and process to you. It’s worth a listen!

– Tyler Mose, Founder and CEO, E3M


Identified as an Expert

Increased Web Presence

Saw a Lift in Organic Traffic