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The Power of Content Marketing with Blogs

Every day there are over 5.6 billion Google searches worldwide. Paid ads are great, but can be very expensive.

As soon as your budget runs out, the traffic instantly stops. Blog content brings organic traffic, which is significantly longer lasting. Here’s how it works:

  • Keywords are inserted and SEO optimized within a new blog post.
  • Google bots crawl the blog post and learn about your company.
  • Over time, when someone searches for one of your keywords, your content will potentially show up as a result.

Content That Will Grow Your Online Business

Here at BKA Content, we have been writing high-quality content for over a decade. So we know a thing or two about writing content that can really maximize results.

Creating content that really drives results is a time intensive endeavor! You have to come up with the SEO strategy, do the keyword research, come up with topics and then actually write the content.

Through our proven method of our month-to-month blog writing service, we can take your business to the next level. Setup a time today to chat with a content specialist.

A Hands-Off Approach to Content Creation

Brand Boost

More content means more people will be exposed to your awesome company. Making sure people are aware of who you are is the first step in the sales funnel.


We offer a content creation solution that doesn’t break the bank. Our plans start at only $195 per month with no contracts or upfront fees.

Increased Website Traffic

Google rewards websites that produce and publish content consistently by showing your website higher on the search results pages.

Be An Authoity in Your Space

As you publish new content you will be answering the web’s most asked questions about your company. Thus, establishing you as an expert in your industry.

Consistency is Key

Blogging is a long-term strategy that takes time but can realize huge organic traffic rewards the longer you commit to the strategy.

Like other types of investments, Blogging can also achieve a “compounding” effect in the form of high rankings and large levels of monthly web traffic.

The secret is to stick with it and not stop!

A Proven SEO Strategy That Works


The Strategy

Ensuring you have a sound strategy is the first step to any content plan. Our team will establish a plan that works specifically for your business.

Custom Keyword Research

We have the tools and experience to find out which keywords you currently rank for and which keywords you potentially can rank for.

Experienced Writers

Keywords are essential, but if your content is missing components like being informative, relevant, and SEO optimized, it still may not perform well. This is where a well-trained writer comes in handy and we’ve got plenty of those!

Strategic Content

Just like a puzzle needs each piece to complete a picture, a blog needs keywords strategically placed so that Google can clearly see the main points of the article and how best to help you rank. Our experts will do all of this for you to ensure that your content is SEO optimized for the best results.

See What Others Are Saying…

“BKA Content worked closely with our marketing team to come up with content that really helped our content stand out. We were surprised by the quality and attention to detail in every post. They have provided us more exposure and significantly improved our SEO.”

Lauren Schneider

Revival Jewelry

“After posting the first articles, we experienced immediate SEO gains and have seen consistent upward growth every month. These gains have resulted in significant organic traffic improvements resulting in additional revenue to our bottom line.”

Taylor Stauss

Owner, Whole Home Scenting

“Since using BKA, we’ve been identified as more of an expert in our field based on the articles and content developed. We have seen traffic lifts and higher rankings for targeted keywords that we’re running paid ad campaigns on. We know the blog articles are helping us to push higher within the searches.”

Tyler Mose

Owner, E3M Creative

“I firmly believe that my clients are more comfortable working with me because I publish helpful content for small businesses. Furthermore, the content being beneficial for the reader is perhaps my most important goal with content creation; I want to earn the client’s trust and grow alongside their business.”

Manuel Mattz Financial


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