Friday The 13th

They were warned about raffle tickets…they are doomed
to win…And on Friday the 13th, nothing will save them.

A Nightmare of Winners

Thanks to all who participated in our Spring Fling Writer Contest! We hope you all had a lot of fun and we look forward to doing another contest soon. Since we are revealing the contest winners on Friday the 13th, we made this little video to announce the winners in style. Enjoy!


BKA Swag Bags

  • Amy Bagwell
  • Kelly Magrath
  • Mary Dodson
  • Laura Worosher
  • Lorraine Casazza

$25 Amazon Gift Cards

  • Kristin Baker
  • Abe Adair

Rainy Day Prize Pack - $40 Value

  • Emilie Karr
  • Christina Cordova

Amazon Echo Dot

  • Francesca Nishimoto
  • Amanda Holland

$50 Amazon Gift Cards

  • Dina Ehrenburg
  • Kelly Lacour

Sunny Day Prize Pack - $60 Value

  • Abby Jaworksi

Kindle E-Reader

  • Heather Higinbotham
  • Philip Simpson

Windy Day Prize Pack - $90 Value

  • Kim Thomas
  • Savannah Snow

$100 Amazon Gift Cards

  • Ian Nicholson
  • Adrienne Kisson