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Whether you are an Agency looking to effectively market your clients and improve their rankings, or an Enterprise looking to expand your influence and brand, you NEED quality content.

Not only does great content position you (or your clients) as an authority in your respective industry, it also helps with branding, conversion, leads and SEO rankings. The simple truth is that if your content marketing campaigns succeed, then your business succeeds.

At some point, every Agency or Enterprise runs into this dilemma:

    How do we create large volumes of content in a controlled, consistent and affordable manner?

    Here at BKA Content, we provide several customized solutions to this question.

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    Dedicated Account Managers

    An account manager is assigned to every account to allow for one point of contact and easy ordering.  This account manager works closely with you to make sure that we have all of the information that we need in order to get your content done right the first time.  This account manager will also work with you on customized ordering and delivery.  Better yet, they are friendly! You can email or call them at any time.


    Easy Bulk Ordering

    We’ve perfected the art of ordering content in large volumes; and making it as simple as possible.  A lot of time and effort has gone into creating our bulk order forms so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort filling them out.  We’ve even made videos showing you how!  We collect only the most vital information needed to write compelling content without making you jump through hoops.


    Managed Writing Teams

    We hand-pick every writer that comes onto our writing teams.  Each writer has to pass a grammar quiz as well as 2 sample articles before being considered.  Once on the BKA team, writers are subject to in-depth quality checks to either advance them to higher quality projects or to weed out those that aren’t up to snuff.  Not only that, we regularly train and interact with our writers to create a community feel.


    Customized Editing and Delivery

    Whether you need content on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, we can make it happen.  We  also offer editing services (at a fee) from our professional editors on content before it comes back to you to save you the time and hassle that can be caused by revisions.  Last of all, we can usually customize blog delivery directly onto your clients’ WordPress sites (also at a small extra fee).


    shelley21To be clear, we are not just a freelance writing platform that brokers writers and clients! Instead, we are a full-fledged Content Creation Services Provider. This means that we not only provide the platform, but we also provide the people and the experience to customize and complete any SEO content project you send our way.  We don’t just say it – we hang our hats on it. That’s the BKA Content difference.

    One of the most valuable things we can offer Agencies and Enterprises is an actual person to help them facilitate their orders. An Account Manager is assigned to every Agency or Enteprise account that will be overseeing your order from start to finish; every single time.

    Here are a few of the concerns that many companies have with using automated platform-based content firms as well as the solutions that BKA Content offers:


    • If you have a large project, how do you easily order in bulk? Do you have to place your article order one-by-one?
    • How can you ensure that writers actually pick up your projects and get them done in a timely manner?
    • If you have ordering/content issues, who do you contact?
    • If you have a 1000 different writers writing 1000 different articles, who’s responsible for organizing them to get results?
    • Who creates all of the order templates and is responsible for getting the writers the correct information?
    • Who deals directly with writers when revisions are needed? Is there any way to get content edited before it comes back?

    BKA Solutions

    • We have custom order forms that make ordering in bulk simple.  Place one order for as many articles as you need.
    • We can create dedicated writing teams for our Managed Services clients.  Anything else that comes in is on a FIFO basis.
    • Every Account has an experienced, friendly Account Manager assigned to it!
    • We take care of managing all of the writers and making sure the content is completed on time.
    • We work closely with our clients to get info, and then WE create the order templates. We also train our writers when information or guidelines are updated.
    • We can offer editing services to our Managed Services clients at a small extra cost to reduce revisions dramatically.

    With automated platform-based content companies, all of the content ordering, management and quality control is done by YOU.  Here at BKA Content, we take a different approach.  Shouldn’t a content provider be managing your orders so that you don’t have to? Boom!

    Our goal is to shoulder the management burden of content creation so that your business can focus on what it does best.


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    target1Our business model was created with SEO agencies in mind.  We know that you have many different clients needing many different kinds of content, month in and month out.  We also know that your clients each have certain preferences.

    If you’re an Enterprise, we know that you have certain branding guidelines that need to be adhered to across the board.  Here at BKA Content, we not only help you skip the frustration of managing writers, but we also ensure that consistent orders that need consistent quality are just that – consistent!

    Here are some of the consistency concerns that come up when using an automated freelance brokering site as opposed to a content provider like BKA Content:


    • How do you ensure that the person that picks up your projects has any real writing experience?
    • Have the writers been trained on how to create specialized copy such as Blogs, Landing Pages and Press Releases?
    • How do you ensure that the same writers see your projects without paying more for them or managing them yourself?
    • If a change needs to be made across all of your content going forward, how do you accomplish it?
    • Is there an easy way to order the same content orders each month without having to recreate the same projects over and over again?
    • Is there a way to get content edited before it’s submitted?

    BKA Solutions

    • Each of our writers completes a grammar quiz as well as 2 samples in order to judge their writing potential.
    • We train writers on EVERY content product we ask them to create; including Landing Pages, Press Releases and specialized web copy.
    • Our managed writing teams ensure that the same writers see your projects over and over again. We can create specialized teams as well.
    • Our platform allows for us to simply make changes across all your content types and order templates.  We’ll take care of it.
    • You can customize your ordering process with your Account Manager to make ordering as simple as sending a single email.
    • We offer professional editing services upon request at a small extra fee.

    With our managed services, you’ll be able to work closely with your account manager to ensure that all of your guidelines and quality expectations are met with every single order.  You’ll get consistency across the board; including writers, quality, ordering, and customer service.


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    piggybank1Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.  No business wants to burn money on a product or service that isn’t going to help their company succeed in the long run.

    Here at BKA Content, we understand that concept and are sensitive to the budget constraints of our clients.  We are all about value.  We are neither the cheapest, nor the most expensive content provider in the industry. We do, however, offer a full content service that none of our competitors can match.

    With us, you’ll never be charged for account management and order facilitation.  We only charge you for the content you purchase. 

    Here are some things to consider if you are using in-house writers or are already using another content company:


      In-house Writers can be Expensive

    Let’s face it, in-house writers can be expensive!  Not only do you have to pay them on a part or full-time basis, you also have to pay someone else to manage them and ensure that their work is up to par.  Add in the costs of office space and employee benefits and the costs will start to add up.  To be clear, there are many full-time writers that are well worth the money; and even more that don’t get paid nearly enough.  The issue is just that not every business can afford that type of specialized writing, nor do they necessarily need it.

      Automated Freelance Websites can be Time Consuming

    Most automated freelance websites are cheap.  It’s the nature of the business model – create an automated system that connects writers with clients and step back and watch them interact.  There’s no real need for personnel or customer service because all of the details are being worked out solely between the client and the writer.   The freelance website then takes a cut of the transaction as a fee for creating the marketplace.  The main issue here is that the client that is purchasing the content is still responsible for the ordering, managing, editing and delivery of the written goods.  It is up to the Agency or Enterprise to place orders one by one, manage the tools on the site, select the writers, revise the content and create all training and resource materials for the writers.


    The BKA Solution 

    In-house writers can be expensive, freelance websites can make you dizzy, and writer management can be extremely time consuming (time is money, remember?).  Bypass all of those obstacles with the managed services offered by BKA Content.  We are a hybrid of writer management and affordable pricing.  Simply place your order (with our help) and let us do what we do best.


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    Managed Service Examples

    See some of the different ways that we help some of our clients.


    Example 1: SEO Agency With Multiple Clients

    Most of our clients are actual SEO companies.  These companies typically have a wide range of clients that they need content for every month.

    Client A is an SEO company with about 100 clients:

    • We currently do a volume of about 600 articles a month for Client A.
    • We receive the article order at the first of the month and deliver the order in batches every Monday over the next three weeks.  Every monthly order is consistently done by the third week of the month.
    • We consult with Client A at the first of every month to go over their keyword list and address any changes that need to be made for that month’s order.
    • The articles are Premium SEO Articles with a few additions.  We’ve created training templates that every writer must go through before writing articles for this client.  We have monthly webinars with the writers to address any changes or improvements that need to be made on these articles.

    This is an example of a consistent and hassle-free monthly setup that many of our clients participate in.

    Example 2:  Large Enterprise With High-Volume Orders

    A great example of this would be any of the Fortune 500 companies we work with.

    Client B is a Fortune 500 company and is a leader in the Home Improvement Industry:

    • We provide a volume of 300-500 articles a week for Client B.
    • We receive a weekly article order from Client B and complete it within 2 weeks.
    • These articles have a high keyword density and other custom guidelines that need to be met to work for the submission system Client B is using.
    • Because of the scale of Client B’s project, we have a dedicated writing team assigned just to them.  These writers were hired specifically for this project, and are able to perfect the writing of these types of articles.   We are able to scale the size of the team to meet volume demands and turn times.
    • We have created video trainings as well as walkthroughs on how to complete these articles exactly the way Client B needs them.
    • Once the articles are written, we submit them to Client B’s submission service for them.

    This is an example of a high-intensity, high-volume project that we easily handle on a weekly basis through the use of a dedicated team of writers.


    Example 3: Branded Blogging

    Many companies are looking for fresh content for their main websites.  We have several clients who need dedicated bloggers to keep their site dynamic.

    Client C is a large online retailer looking for helpful, engaging, and informational blogs on a regular basis.

    • We provide a consistent volume of 2-5 blogs per business day for Client C.
    • These blogs need to be very specific, giving “how to” or “expert tips” and are geared towards building a reader following.
    • We receive monthly (sometimes weekly) direction from Client C as to the themes of the upcoming blogs and send them in daily.
    • We pair the perfect writers to the project and have them write sample articles to make sure Client C is happy with the bloggers on their project.

    This is an example of a custom, high-quality project that needs to be in line with the mission, brand, and tone of the company needing the service.  We provide this type of service for multiple clients.

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