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The BKA Team

Here at BKA Content, we surround ourselves with only the most talented, fun, capable, hard-working, creative, brilliant, honest and downright weird people that you can imagine.  We’re passionate about what we do, and we have a great time doing it.  Our blend of dedicated team members and talented writers has fueled our business into one of the fastest growing Content Providers on the web.

Get to Know Us!

Scroll down this page to see some pictures and bios of the management here at BKA.  We’re excited to help you with your next custom content project!


Who We Arebka ball

BKA Content is a leading provider of high-quality, SEO content for small businesses, corporations and agencies.  Because of our background in SEO services and teaching SEO techniques, we have a firm understanding of the components that make SEO content effective and have implemented that into everything we do.

What Makes us Unique?

You mean, aside from us being a little bit crazy?

Our company is unique in that we are not just an automated freelance brokering system for clients and authors.  Instead, we provide real content solutions through dedicated account managers, managed writing teams and customized order and delivery processes.  We want to talk to YOU about your content projects and customize according to YOUR needs.  We have provided high-volume custom content creation services at the corporate level for large (Fortune 500) companies, as well as for SEO agencies and small businesses.



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Since our inception in 2009, we’ve taken pride in ourselves for only hiring qualified, American writers to ensure that the content we create is engaging, impactful and 100% original.  On top of that, we train our writers on SEO writing, proper usage of keywords, formatting, story-telling and how to utilize client instructions.  Writers are given constructive feedback on a weekly basis to help them improve their writing abilities and increase the effectiveness of all of the content we create.

Basic Services

Our basic services include the creation of SEO Articles, Premium Articles, Branded Blogs, Page Rewrites, Landing Pages, Press Releases and more, for the purposes of link building, content marketing and company branding.  We offer a variety of different tiers of quality, extending from article directory-type SEO articles and web content to high-quality landing pages and press releases. You can find a full list of our content products here.

While we welcome custom content projects of any size, our “bread and butter” comes in the form of custom content creation services for corporations and SEO Agencies.  We love the idea of hiring writers and specifically training them for each client’s custom content needs. Essentially, we want to become a trusted content extension of our clients’ business. With our unique managed services and ability to scale, we are the perfect fit for companies that have regular, customized orders.

Quality Assurance

Our business model provides consistent content quality, as well as an assurance that volume expectations are met.  It also allows for quick turnaround times on article orders; the faster we get you your content, the sooner it can start working for you!

We are confident that we can meet the high quality content needs of any company while offering some of the best prices in the industry.  We look forward to discussing what we can do for you!




The “Intro”

Every company has a story. Why is a story important?  Understanding our roots defines us and hopefully inspires us.

Where to begin?  There are so many amazing people that have contributed to the company since it’s inception that it’s sometimes hard to know where to start.  Over the years, our staff has created a pretty unique company culture here at BKA Content.  Pair that fun, quirky, ambitious attitude with some incredible writing skills, and you’ve got a recipe for success.  This has proven true so far, and we’ll continue striving to offer the best content experience available while having a blast doing it.

We know a lot of our clients (and writers) might not know how this whole venture started.  Below, you’ll find a summarized version of how the company came to be, where we are, and the direction we are headed.   So without further ado, here is our very own BKA story.


The Story of BKA Content


Jobless with a stroke of luck… or was it Fate?  Let’s go with Fate.

In 2009, co-founder Matt Secrist graduated from THE Utah State University with dual degrees in Economics and Finance.   The economy, however, was in recession and Matt had no real job prospects! Greg Secrist, the other co-founder and older brother, had been dabbling in ways to make residual income online. Feeling a bit sorry for his younger sibling, he decided to help.  Greg had discovered the power of internet marketing, having created a few blog sites that were bringing in steady, albeit small, residual income. Greg helped Matt set up his own blog sites in the hope of similarly generating some income. Considerable time was spent searching for providers of quality content to help update the blogs and improve their search rankings. Much of what they found was written by off-shore content providers and was often garbage, unintelligible and stuffed with keywords.

Through their research, they quickly realized that there was a market in providing quality, American-written content to companies with websites. In early 2010, they decided to create a simple Word Press site that advertised original content written by American writers – was born!  The original idea was that the site might generate some revenue for Matt while he continued to look for a Finance job (that he will admit that he didn’t actually want to get).  A simple order form was placed on the site where clients could order 1, 5 or 10 articles, and they sat back to see what would happen.

The Little Blog that Could

During the first few months, Matt managed the site and learned the ropes of the SEO content industry while Greg provided tech support (aside from his regular day job).  Before long, orders started coming in!  The site was endearingly labeled “The Little Blog That Could” by Greg and Matt, and started to show some real promise.  At first, mostly family and close friends (and Matt) were writing the content, but that would soon change.

The last half of 2010 brought new partnerships with SEO companies who somehow found the Word Press site on Google and began consistently ordering content for their clients. The business was doing so well that Greg, who had been working for a high tech company, quit that job to be able to devote his time to the new business. By the end of 2010, had approximately 30 writers and the company ended the year with almost $100k in sales. (During this same time, the “Learn SEO Concepts” website was born, a subscription-based site that teaches basic SEO methods. Check it out!)

Gaining some Traction

2011 started off with the company signing on larger corporate clients, including national chains like The Home Depot and Direct Buy.  The writing team was expanded; an actual website with a “shopping cart” ordering system was created; and in late 2011, the company decided to take the leap and attend one of the big SES trade shows in Chicago. Even though they went as attendees and not exhibitors, they landed several new clients.  2011 ended with the business almost tripling the 2010 sales volume!

2012 started off fast and furiously.  The company purchased exhibitor booth materials and hit the trade show circuit, attending the largest internet marketing expos, including the SMX Advanced show in Seattle, the SES show in San Francisco, and Pubcon in Las Vegas. Becoming a trade show exhibitor brought increased exposure and credibility to the company and attracted more large clients that needed consistent volumes of quality content. Phil Secrist, the family patriarch (and nicest guy you’ll ever meet) who had worked in the aerospace industry for the previous 22 years and had been doing part time accounting for the business, came on board full time and added account management to his duties. The company now had three full-time employees and ended 2012 with nearly twice the sales volume of 2011!

Kicking it into Gear

Growth has mandated expansion in 2013!  In just the first six months of the year, the company significantly increased the size of the writing team to almost 100 writers and hired the following talent: a VP of Sales, Drew Allen; two new additional account managers, Holli Peterson and Katie Price; a hiring and training manager, Jean Little; and a managing editor/account manager, Cara Secrist.  Not only that, the company also began the process of rebranding and shortening the company name to just “BKA Content” rather than (has a nice ring to it, eh?).

Full Steam Ahead!

So, how is BKA Content doing now?  We are now not only attending all major tradeshows, but we are also speaking at them.  We have a thriving BKA Community where our writers are able to interact and take part in regular competitions and incentives.  We’ve been blessed with the ability to sponsor events in the community that are for a good cause and provide jobs for skilled people from all around the country.

With the best writing team in the business, and our personal “managed services” approach with our clients, we are quickly becoming known around the industry as the premier provider of affordable, high-quality content. The journey has just begun and the future is bright for BKA Content – “The Little Blog That Could”!


  • Greg Secrist



    As the CEO and co-founder of BKA Content, Greg Secrist is the man who made it all happen. In addition to running the business, Greg is also our tech geek, web designer, marketing pro and SEO expert.

  • Matt Secrist

    VP of Business Development


    Matt, co-founder of BKA, social media guru, and PR specialist, is the glue that holds it all together. Matt has been in the business from its inception, and he is always the one pushing things to the next level.

  • Phil Secrist



    As our CFO and senior account manager, Phil is an essential part of the BKA team. With his ever-positive attitude, Phil supervises account managers, responds to customer requests and processes order payments.

  • Drew Allen

    VP of Sales


    As our VP of Sales, Drew creates and implements all of the sales and marketing initiatives here at BKA Content.  Aside from making sales, he also enjoys a good prank and some well-choreographed finger dancing.

  • Jon Bingham

    Director of Marketing


    As the Director of Marketing at BKA Content, Jon is the point man for all ongoing PPC, Search, Sales and Marketing campaigns. Jon loves connecting with new businesses and has a strange affinity for basketball shoes.

  • Cara Secrist

    Managing Editor


    Cara, Managing Editor and Training Specialist, makes sure that everyone is always performing at their best. In addition to perfecting articles, Cara keeps a close watch on new writers to ensure understanding and satisfaction.

  • Katie Price

    Account Manager


    Katie embodies everything great about our company culture. She’s fun, creative, and knows how to get things done. While her primary responsibility is managing client accounts, she also heads many of our “BKA community” projects.

  • Melinda Rhodes

    Account Manager


    Melinda’s creativity, sense of humor,  and attention to detail enable her to keep clients happy.  Her main responsibilities include managing client accounts, where she oversees content orders from start to finish.

  • Andra Stowe

    Account Manager


    Andra’s fun personality, and attention to detail, help her to excel at her position within BKA.  Her main responsibilities include managing writing teams and client accounts.

  • Claudia Culmone

    Account Manager


    Claudia’s years of legal journalism experience (and her editing prowess) make her the perfect fit for our customers needing law-based content. Her main responsibilities include managing our legal writing teams and accounts.

  • Amber Morris

    Hiring Manager


    Aside from being an amazing BKA editor, Amber also assists our hiring department in reading over applicant samples, conducting phone interviews, and selecting the talented writers that exemplify the BKA company culture.

  • BKA Ball

    Unofficial Mascot


    Starting out as a cheap SWAG item, the BKA Ball has slowly crept up the ranks of stardom to become our unofficial mascot. We still aren’t quite sure why or how.  Mostly, we just want to know where in the world the BKA Ball is.