Why You Should Buy Articles to Supercharge Your Content Marketing

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Content Marketing | 2 comments

Why You Should Buy Articles to Supercharge Your Content Marketing

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Content Marketing | 2 comments

It’s no secret that the biggest complaint amongst content marketers is the amount of time it takes to create original content. This problem can be easily solved by deciding to buy articles, which in turn can save you an insane amount of time and money in the long run.

Not convinced? Let me explain why using an article writing service is the best way to supercharge your content marketing efforts hands down!

Buying Content Saves Oodles of Time

Content marketing is grossly underrated when it comes to the time it takes to create the content that helps businesses generate leads, market their brand and ultimately deliver sales and customer retention.

Researching keywords, topics, strategies and staying up on current SEO tactics can each be a full-time job in and of themselves, not to mention all of the tracking and reporting that comes with each of these functions.

With all of these moving parts that have to somehow harmoniously synchronize in order to see results, content creation often is one of the hardest things to pull off due to its huge time commitments and is often neglected.

Hubspot asked over 4,000 marketing professional how long it takes them on average to write a 500-word blog post.

56% of those surveyed said it takes them between 1-3 hours to write a post of this size. For simplicity’s sake, let’s say it takes 2 hours on average to write a 500-word blog post.

When it comes to volume, our statistics show that companies thatpost 16 blog posts or more per month see three times the amount of traffic compared to those that only post one or two per month.

So if we do the math, 16 blog posts a month would equate to 32 hours of writing timeain’t nobody got time for that!


If you buy articles, you can outsource ALL of the time it takes to write unique and original content, not to mention the time it takes to optimize it for SEO and edit it for grammar mistakes to a copywriting service for a fixed cost!

Buy Articles to Save Big Bucks

Based on the figures previously stated, if it takes 32 hours on average to write 16, 500-word blog posts, you would need to times 32 hours by whatever your or an in-house writer’s hourly rate is to figure out how much that content costs.

Chances are, it’s much more costly than you may have previously thought!

If you are a larger operation and have some marketing staff in-house to write the content, we have done a very thorough analysis of what the true cost is to hire and manage in-house writers vs outsourcing it to a copywriting service.

Based on our research, most companies can save an average of up to 36% annually by outsourcing content vs creating that content in-house on.

That’s a lot of money saved! Imagine all of the things you could use that extra money for within the company or your own department!

Create More Content Faster

One person can only create so much content. If you are the only one creating content, your efforts are capped by whatever amount of content you can personally create within a certain amount of time.

By using a copywriting service, you instantly gain the ability to scale at large volumes. With access to an army of highly-qualified writers, you can create large amounts of content in a much shorter period of time.

According to the above research from Hubspot, the more content you post, the more monthly indexed traffic you will receive.

Since content creation services are usually always cheaper than creating content in-house, you can get more content for the same amount of money by outsourcing the content writing.

Creating high-quality content in large volumes is the secret to supercharging your content marketing ROI.

Enjoy Better Content

Many content marketers quickly burn out writing about the same products and services that their company offers.

When you buy articles from an article writing service, you instantly get a unique perspective and a fresh take on your topics from people who come from many walks of life.

This helps your content to become much more personable, which is the ultimate goal when trying to identify and connect with your readers.

Not only will the content be readable, but it will be SEO optimized by those who write it, which also saves you time and ensures that the content is great from an SEO perspective.

What Are You Waiting For?

As you can see, outsourcing your content writing will save you time, money and headaches with content marketing.

Make the switch today to buy articles and start seeing the results by being able to create more high-quality content with the existing budget you already have. After all, getting more for less is a winning strategy that every business can get behind.

Start Supercharging Your Content Marketing Today!

Let us show you how easy and convenient it is to outsource your content to a high-quality content creation service. Our high-quality writers will make your job a breeze by providing you with the content you need to take your content marketing to the next level.

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