Top 10 Link-Building Tactics for Content Marketers

by | Dec 10, 2019 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Top 10 Link-Building Tactics for Content Marketers

by | Dec 10, 2019 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

If you’re like most people, the new year signals a time for epic changes and life-altering decisions, all fueled by a simple list of goals. While most people will include strategies for getting healthy, improving relationships and upping productivity at work, you can also apply link-building resolutions to your SEO content marketing strategy to improve the strength and effectiveness of your content in the coming year. Here are some tips for making goals about what you should and shouldn’t do when creating links.


  1. Overlink. More links equals more connections and more credibility, right? While adding links can give your page a boost, adding too many will push it the other way. Google’s ranking algorithm makes sure that the type of links you use affects your place in search results. Neil Patel states that “five quality links from authority sites will weigh more heavily in your favor than ten mediocre links from generic sites.”

Google Algorithm

  1. Use paid links. While paid links are okay in some situations, you do want to exercise caution when using them. You must make sure that your source is going to use best practices and follow Google’s webmaster and advertising guidelines, otherwise it is best to just avoid paid links.
  1. Use keywords as anchor texts. There are certain words that you should avoid using as your anchor text when creating links. While it is okay for some of these to be included in the link, you should never use the following on their own:
  • The word “link” or “website”
  • The URL
  • The name of the company or site
  • The domain

Instead, choose a relevant phrase to create your link that will catch the reader’s eye.

  1. Use any form of manipulation. If you are considering doing something that may be frowned upon and you aren’t sure if Google will penalize you for it, the best idea is to refrain. Trying to “work the system” rarely works with the ever-changing algorithms and constant updates. Taking short cuts to get to the top usually results in a quick trip to the bottom. A better choice is to follow Google’s rules and go for sustainability rather than speed.
  1. Overlook the value of natural links. While you may be focusing heavily on contacting other bloggers and businesses to trade links, don’t overlook the value of natural links. Higher placement in Google’s search results can mean more natural links by bloggers who are searching. These will come as your page gains credibility, but shouldn’t be overlooked in your zest for creating reciprocal relationships.


  1. Learn how to monitor your backlinks. While it may seem obvious, there are actually several marketers who have no idea how to find out who is linking back to them. Educating yourself on this can give you a much clearer idea of where you stand in the blogging world. It will also alert you to the type of posts that generate the most traffic and the sites that are most often linking to you.
  1. Link in Lists. According to, the top type of content that was linked to was lists, which were linked to 74 percent more than any other type of content. The next most frequent type was infographics. If you want a piece that is shareable, the statistics point to the fact that pictures and lists are the biggest draw for linking. Be sure to mention this to your blog writing service so they can cater to your needs.

Top Linked Content

  1. Develop relationships. Did you write a great post that got mentioned by another blogger? That’s great, but there is more to do now. Rather than just patting yourself on the back and moving on to your next topic, start developing a relationship with this blogger. Start by contacting them, either through email or by phone. You can request additional links, or you can begin building a solid reciprocal relationship by asking to do an interview or allow them to guest blog on your site. This can open up your page to an entirely new audience of devoted followers. Content collaborations are also great opportunities to work with established bloggers. Expert roundup posts can also allow you to mention several bloggers at once and plant the seeds of many reciprocal relationships.

One type of relationship that is often overlooked is the one created with editors. By having an established line of communication with the editors of certain sites, you will be more likely to have your article picked up and republished. Before you contact any blogger or editor, search carefully for the site owner’s name. Using manners and courtesy can get you far when requesting backlinks. Be sure to let them know the exact place you think your link would fit on their site or the topic you think they could guest-blog about.

  1. Make your link building content-based. While you can insert whatever type of links you choose, almost all marketing managers stated that the most effective and popular tactic they used was link building that was based on content. Part of the reason for this is that the sites you link to are more likely to return the favor if the move makes sense, and that is unlikely to happen if your link was not based on content. If you use content writing services, be sure that they are aware of this and create appropriate links.

Link-Building Tactics

  1. Create client links. While you generally want to link to reputable companies, linking to your current customers is another great way to expand your client base. Offering incentives for past customers to leave reviews, then posting those to your website and linking back to the author gives you easy links. If they give a testimonial, they may also be interested in sharing their statement on their own website.

While getting sculpted calves or going strictly paleo might top your friends’ lists of New Year’s resolutions, making better link-building strategies the top of yours can lead to increased traffic, improved relationships and bolstered sales. Follow these strategies and you’ll be on your way to the best year yet for you, your SEO and your entire company.

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