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Becoming a Thanksgiving Hero

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What makes someone a hero?

In 2020, the United States Census Bureau reported that approximately 42 million people live in poverty, making things like traditional Thanksgiving dinners an improbability for many. It is a heartbreaking truth to see families who should be celebrating the holidays together with turkey, warm rolls, and cranberry sauce are instead faced with an empty table.


In a season that should be filled with gratitude, charities like Thanksgiving Heroes put in the effort, money and volunteer hours to ensure families don’t go hungry on Thanksgiving Day. 

Thanksgiving Heroes is a national nonprofit organization, dedicated to feeding families who are in dire need of a meal on Thanksgiving Day. The founder Rob Adams built this charity due to his own personal experience growing up when money was lacking and food was sparse. It was at this time that friends came to the rescue with food at Rob and his family’s lowest points, becoming true heroes in a time of need. Today, this charity works hard in cities around the United States to give dinners to families in need. 

Adding To The Cause

In their mission statement, Thanksgiving Heroes state: Our ultimate mission is to ensure that no American family goes hungry on Thanksgiving while celebrating the powerful hope, gratitude, and goodness of humanity when we come together to share with one another. 

Thanksgiving dinner

To answer the question of “what makes someone a hero,” one must first consider why heroes are important. Heroes are inspiring because they offer valuable help in a time of great need. They offer charity and love, and they stand as a symbol for the best of humanity. When donating to a charity like Thanksgiving Heroes, you get to add another piece of hope and light to the cause of humanity. You get to become a hero. 

This year, BKA is honored to donate to Thanksgiving Heroes in hopes that more families will get to experience Thanksgiving with great food and shared memories. Click here to join the cause and add a donation.  

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