Stress Over Less: 5 Items on Your Company To-Do List You Need To Start Delegating

by | Jun 28, 2019 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Stress Over Less: 5 Items on Your Company To-Do List You Need To Start Delegating

by | Jun 28, 2019 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Whether you own a small mom-and-pop shop or run a Fortune 500 company, you can get on board with the sentiment that time is a valuable asset and one you never seem to have enough of. Though you can’t tack more hours onto the end of your day, you can gain time back by outsourcing some of the more difficult, specialized or just plain mundane tasks. Though we can’t help you with your accounting, technical issues or bookkeeping, we can offer you some pretty stellar content writing services.


Why Should You Outsource Your Writing Services?

We get it – even the term outsourcing makes entrepreneurs like you cringe. You didn’t get where you’re at today by shirking away from hard work. However, as your business grows, so does your workload. From handling customer relations to training new hires, and from managing your budget to developing new offerings, you barely have time to stress over your company to-do list, much less tackle every item on it. Instead of letting this fact overwhelm you, take it as a sign of your business’s success, then reward yourself by hiring others to take over some of the workload for you.

Still not convinced? Below are four reasons outsourcing is, as Forbes calls it, marketing’s modern solution:

  • Outsourcing provides access to a number of different specialties, all of which can become extraordinarily expensive and difficult to try to manage in-house.
  • Outsourcing brings experience, knowledge and insight to which many in-house team members may never be exposed.
  • Outsourcing allows you to explore new ideas and execute fresh content marketing campaigns at the drop of a hat.
  • Outsourcing is cost-efficient, as you retain services on an as-needed basis. For instance, instead of paying full-time for strategy, design and content writing services, you pay for each as the need arises.


Which Content Marketing Services Should You Outsource Today?

There are hundreds of online marketing services you can outsource to free up your time and grow your business. However, we’re going to focus strictly on the top five writing services you should delegate to someone else.


1. Blogging and All Associated Tasks

To generate the most success with your blogging efforts, you should post 16 or more times a month. The average blog – which should be 1,000+ words in length – takes three hours to write. That means you should set aside at least 48 hours each month for writing. Realistically speaking, though, you likely need to set aside closer to 60 hours if you take into consideration the additional tasks associated with blogging:

  • Developing blog topics and titles
  • Proofreading blog articles
  • Formatting blogs
  • Copyediting blogs

Or, you could save yourself an entire workweek’s worth of time and outsource content writing services to a qualified copywriting company who can handle the writing and related tasks for you.


2. Social Media Content

What good is your blog if no one is going to read it? Social media is a great platform through which to share links to your latest articles and garner interest. The writer who wrote the original article is most familiar with the content, making him or her the best person to write an accompanying social media post.

Any great marketer knows you need to post to social media more often than every 16 blogs posts, though. Social media marketing is less about generating awareness and more about nurturing relationships with customers and fans (though it can help generate awareness as well). To do this successfully, you need to always be posting inspiring, helpful, interactive and relevant content.

A writing agency understands not only what types of users frequent which outlets but also what type of content is most successful on the various platforms. By outsourcing your monthly social media writing needs, you can ensure your fans receive just the right amount of high-quality and engaging content with which they can interact throughout the month.


3. Webpages

If you’re like most business owners, your website is all about you, you, and you. And while Toby Keith would be proud of your taking time for, well, you, your visitors may be less than impressed. Consumers today are not interested in you, your company or your products. (It hurts, right?) What they are interested in is themselves. Appeal to customers’ egos by ensuring your webpages do the following:

  • Address how each feature of your offerings can benefit the reader.
  • Identify customer pain points and explain how your offerings can help.
  • Acknowledge objections your readers may have with buying from you, then assuage those concerns throughout your content.

That’s not all your web copy should do. It should also help prospective customers find your website, which means the site needs to be optimized with key terms and phrases. It should include an enticing value proposition, be seductive and be well written.

Creating compelling web copy requires research, writing skills and best-practice know-how. Don’t have time to retain or develop those skills and knowledge? Outsource your webpage copy to a writing services team that has the talent to develop converting webpages on your behalf today.


4. E-commerce Listings

An outstanding product description can work for you in three major ways:

  • Help searchers find your product
  • Sell prospective buyers on your product
  • Sell prospective buyers on the lifestyle your brand offers

For a product description to do each of the aforementioned things, it needs to do more than list the dimensions, size, availability, color and price. It should also contain keywords and terms users search to find your product. You want to eliminate buyer’s guilt by turning the product from a want into a need. Also conjure up images in the buyer’s mind about life with your product and make them feel remorse for not already owning it, all while creating original content.

You may be the mastermind behind your products, but are you the best person to sell them? And even if you are, do you have the time to craft the works of art that are converting product descriptions? If you didn’t answer no to the first question, chances are you did to the second. For descriptions that highlight your products’ best features and that prompt shoppers to click “Buy,” outsource your e-commerce listings to a reputable content writing services agency.


5. Video Scripts

Recording a three- to five-minute brand video takes much longer than three to five minutes. Creating a brand video that makes an impact often requires an investment of days, and much of that time should be spent on crafting a compelling script.

Too many people assume they can refurbish a blog post to use as a video script. That is far from the case. HubSpot suggests starting with a brief, which should address the following:

  • The goal of the video
  • Your intended audience
  • The (specific) topic of discussion
  • Key takeaways

Once you have a brief to work from, you can start the script-writing process. Your script should be conversational, thorough and appropriate for the audience you wish to target. It should also be brief. While two pages is okay, one is better.

As the owner of your company, you have a lot to say. If you don’t have time to pare down your extensive script into a one- or two-page masterpiece, reach out to a copywriting agency that does.


Do It For You

You owe it to yourself to delegate five or more of your most pressing content marketing tasks to a qualified agency. Doing so may be the best investment of both your time and money. Shop our content writing services to start checking off your to-dos today.

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