Want To Improve Your Writing Skills? Try Freelance Writing Jobs

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Miscellaneous, Writing Tips | 2 comments

Want To Improve Your Writing Skills? Try Freelance Writing Jobs

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Miscellaneous, Writing Tips | 2 comments

You’ve got talent and a passion for the trade, but becoming a writer (especially one that can make a living to support an actual human) takes a lot more than just thinking happy thoughts and hoping for the best. Writing for a living requires skill and experience, both of which will be easily gained by trying your hand at freelance writing jobs.


Why Write for BKA?

They say that practice makes perfect; I submit that paid practice is even more perfect because it also allows you to do important things, such as eat. If you’re looking for freelance writing jobs that offer you the kinds of experiences that will transform you into the professional writer you’ve dreamed of becoming, BKA has what you need. Here are a few of the top ways that becoming a writer for BKA will boost your writing skills.


Create a Steady Writing Regimen

Quote from BKA writer about enjoying the flexibility to choose their own work when they want or need to.

Common sense tells us that doing something consistently can lead to an increased ability to do that thing more effectively and efficiently. If you regularly exercise the muscles needed to write high-quality content, you’ll see your writing improve with time. On your own terms, how often do you find yourself doing grammar curls, topic lunges or research runs? At BKA, an opportunity to join several writing teams could offer you the equivalent of an open gym for your writing skills. Work from home writing jobs like this allow you to choose the workflow that fits your schedule, and get into a “workout” rhythm that will pump up your skills on a regular basis.


Tackle a Variety of Topics

If the span of your writing knowledge and experience can be wrapped into one tiny topic box, it might be hard to get your career off the ground. Whether your writing dreams live in the realm of fiction or family law, knowing how to expertly tackle a slew of different topics will give you the versatility you need to rise above the content crowd.

Luckily, opportunities to write about a wide variety of topics are typically built-in when you’re rocking freelance writing jobs with a content company. Here’s what one writer had to say about this:

Quote from BKA writer about variety of work and opportunity to hone your writing skills.


Raise Your Writing Standards

One of the most important things writers must do is capture their audience through coherent, interesting and error-free copy. Readers need to feel drawn in, easily understand the content, and trust that the author knows what he or she is talking about. This is really hard to do if the writing is sloppy, stuffed with filler, or grammatically clunky.

At BKA, we don’t subscribe to the mediocre standards of other freelance writing gigs. We feel it is important to do whatever it takes to help our writers rise above the rest. That’s why we do the following:

    1. Give you specific training on your assigned projects. We are known for our hands-on training process, and we take your success seriously. We’ll walk you through the basics, then pair you with an editor as you go out on your own for the first few articles.
    1. Create style guide and project outlines that help you achieve excellence. Every project has its idiosyncrasies, so our managers go out of their way to clearly outline important items that their clients request in the content. We also give you plenty of examples to look at to make sure you’re on par.
    1. Offer constructive feedback on your work. To keep our overall quality high and our writers on the up-and-up, our team of editors and managers do all they can to help you improve your skills by offering kind and informative feedback on articles reviewed for special editing or internal quality checks.


Live the Dream

The truth is, you really can write for a living — and love it. Given the right opportunity, any amateur writer can become a professional through consistent effort, dedicated research and practice, and a commitment to keep quality standards high. Christina C., a writer who has been with our company since 2017, agrees that the BKA system works. She writes, “My writing has improved SO much since beginning to work for BKA, and I attribute that to the company’s high standards and the editors’ thorough feedback.”

Robert B. agrees, saying: “[BKA has a] very supportive team, and provides the guidelines I need to write the proper content. It’s been a good learning experience and opportunity to use my writing skills.”

So what are you waiting for? It’s your turn to live the dream, and today is the perfect day to land the perfect freelance writing job — come join the BKA Content team!

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