Cookie Jokes for Extra Holiday Pun

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From Medieval pun competitions and Shakespearean word duels to dedicated websites and viral memes, the pun has been around for centuries. In fact, nearly every culture around the world has their own way of appreciating this form of humor and it’s been that way since the time of the pyramids.

If your family is like mine, puns are especially common around the holidays when a series of parties, amazing food, and family members provides endless fuel for groan-worthy dad jokes. We’re about to share some of the tastiest cookie puns we could find, so start your ovens and get ready to cook up some holiday pun.


Treat Your Friends With Cookie Jokes

The English language is especially good for punning as we’ve adapted our vernacular from the words of so many different cultures, providing a melting pot of options to dip your cookie jokes into.


Much like a good pun, a holiday food appreciated across cultures is the cookie. So if you’re a fan of kooky wordplay, you may want to serve up some of these cookie puns at your next holiday party.

Click here for the list of cookie jokes included in our slideshow.

Q: What do you get when you use a deer-shaped cookie cutter?

A: Cookie doe!


Q: What kind of snacks do little monkeys have with their milk?

A: Chocolate chimp cookies!


Q: What do you call it when two cookies from the same sheet fall in love?

A: A batch made in heaven!


Q: What kind of cookies do rich people like best?

A: Fortune cookies!


Q: Why did the cookie cry?

A: Because his mother was a wafer so long.


Q: Why did the boy go to the doctor after eating a cookie?

A: He was feeling crumby!


Q: What type of cookies do redheads like best?

A: Ginger snaps!

Give the Gift of the Cookie Pun

Everyone enjoys getting a meaningful gift, and in most cases a box full of a favorite cookie hits the spot. This year, add an extra bit of flavor to the occasion with a well-placed cookie pun.

cookie puns

For Cookies in General

  • Without you, I would crumble
  • A cookie gift for my kooky friend
  • Just hoping to bake your day a little better
  • I heard you were feeling crumby. Hope this cheers you up
  • A little sugar for the sweetest friend a person could ask for
  • Get batter soon

For Cookies With Nuts

  • These cookies are a little nutty… just like me!
  • Because I’m nuts about you
  • Nuttin’ better than these cookies I brought you

For Cookies With Chips

  • For someone who never fails to chip in when asked
  • You’re a chip off the old block
  • Thanks for being my friend when the chips were down

For Cookies With Raisins

  • For someone who’s always raisin the bar
  • Thanks for all your help with the fund raisin
  • You’re the raisin I smile
  • Cookies for mom, who did a grape job raisin me

cookie jokes

Play It Up All “Season” Long

In its most basic form a pun is a great play on words. Cookie puns are no different. Stock up on these 10 nutty wonders that will earn you some epic eye-rolls.


“Those cookies were so big I had to slice one in half. I guess that makes me a cookie cutter.”

“Why do we cook bacon and bake cookies?”

“I’ll dough what I can to get these cookies made in time for the party!”

“I sure didn’t macaron choice with these cookies.” (When making meringue macarons)

“Doughn’t you wish you were eating these too?”

“I ate a box of thin mints and gained a pound. I don’t think they work…”

“If a redhead works at a bakery does that make him a gingerbread man?”

“I always macaroon in my heart for you.” (When making coconut macaroons)

“Yeah, that joke made me snickerdoodle!”

“I’m not going to sugarcoat it, these cookies might be burnt.”

Keep the Puns A-Comin’

Stay on top of your game even when the conversation drifts away from holiday, baking, cookie, or even food-related topics. Here are some great cookie puns you can chip in for just about any topic.

When Talking About Work

  • Since I have to cookie the books I may be home late tonight
  • I need to head to work and make that dough
  • Doughn’t worry, I won’t crumble under pressure during the meeting

When Discussing School

  • You can dough it!
  • Failing that test was a crumbling situation
  • Feel free to chip in with answers when you have them
  • My presentation was only half-baked

When Feeling Ill

  • I know you’re feeling crumby, so I hope you get batter soon
  • I had too many cookies and now I’m feeling half baked
  • Everyone gets sick sometimes. It’s just the way the cookie crumbles

When Talking Sports

  • Ouch, he crumbled the ball
  • I think we can agree that play was a half-baked idea
  • They batter recover and score soon
  • I doughn’t think they can lose!

When You're Watching a Movie

  • I guess he/she got caught with his hand in the cookie jar
  • I hope he/she doesn’t crumble under pressure
  • I wonder if his/her friends have enough dough to make bail

Savor Every Opportunity to Cookie Pun

Whether you’re trying butter up to the boss at the holiday party, get a rise out of your siblings at the dinner table, or win the coveted eye-roll from the ultimate punster of them all — your dad — taking these cookie puns out of the jar might have you serving up some belly laughs. Plus, with so many of these kooky holiday puns out there you can simply pick and chews your favorites.

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