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What Content Should I Order?

Because content fuels almost every aspect of marketing, it can be tough to know where to start.   Let us show you how our content products fit into the internet marketing process.



Let Us Fuel Your Content Marketing

When it comes to the “content” portion of content marketing, we are the experts.  No seriously, we are.   Our professional writers have the experience necessary to create custom pieces of content that will effectively project your company’s brand, voice, and value on the internet.

There are many different types of content that can be used for content marketing.  On top of that, everyone seems to do it a little bit differently!  We understand this concept and know that the SEO content landscape can sometimes be tricky to navigate.  That is why we’ve always relied on a “human” approach to content creation.  We have dedicated account managers to field your questions and help you decide what content type would work best for your campaign.

How it Works

Learn how we make ordering content easy breezy.

Easy Ordering

We Make Ordering Content Hassle-Free

Here at BKA Content, we understand that most of you have your own internal systems for tracking content within your campaigns.  We also know that having to conform to a complicated brokering system filled with page after page of settings is a content manager’s worst nightmare!

To make your life easier, and to help you regain some sanity, we have made our ordering process as simple as possible.  Our goal is to facilitate bulk ordering, save you time and to be more compatible with the way your campaigns are tracked and monitored.

Not only is our ordering process extremely easy, but an account manager looks over every single order before it is processed to make sure that the order form was filled out correctly.  In so doing, we help you to make sure that you are getting exactly the content you’re looking for.



Order from the Best

We know that there are a lot of other content companies out there for you to choose from, but rest assured that none are quite like us.  Here are some of the many ways that we stand out from the rest:

ExperienceSince we opened our doors in 2009, we have had the wonderful opportunity of working with thousands of clients; each with unique content needs.  This has given us the experience that comes from writing many different kinds of content as well as the communication skills to effectively interact with our customers to get them what they need.  We’ve brought these elements together to help offer potential clients, as well as our existing clients, the best content ordering experience on the web.

Customer ServiceWhile many of our competitors turn to the help of an automated system to solve their problems, we believe in a more old fashioned approach – real people.  We have account managers and sales team members on staff to respond to your inquiries and ensure that you get the help that you need.  Not only can you reach us by phone or email, we also have a Live Chat feature on our site.  For those that order large volumes consistently, we provide dedicated account managers at no additional cost to you!

Custom SolutionsWhen it comes to creating custom text-based content, we have the solutions you are looking for.  Over the years, we have created content for countless requests that go beyond your typical SEO article, blog post or landing page.  If you don’t see the type of content you are looking for from our services list, don’t fret!  Chances are, we can still create it for you – and do a heck of a job while we’re at it.  To inquire about custom content requests, please contact us

What are you Waiting for?

BKA Content is the best option for those looking to get high-quality content without all of the extra hassle of a complicated automated brokering system.  Order now and see what we mean!

If you still aren’t sold on whether or not we can help you, talk to one of our friendly sales team members via our live chat, or visit our contact page.

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